Demonstrative pronouns.

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Demonstrative pronouns. por Mind Map: Demonstrative pronouns.

1. Singular demonstrative pronouns.

2. This.

2.1. Esto, este, esta.

3. That.

3.1. Ese, esa, eso, aquel, aquella, aquello

4. These.

4.1. Estos , Estas.

5. Those.

5.1. Aquellos, aquellas, esos, esas.

6. Plural demonstrative pronouns.

7. Demonstrative pronouns are used to indicate the distance between the transmitter and the above, indicate spatial location replacing the noun.

8. Serve to name and distinguish elements already mentioned above, but without repeating. Their shape varies depending on gender and number.

9. Do not confuse demonstrative pronouns with demonstrative adjectives. They are identical, but a demonstrative pronoun stands alone, while a demonstrative adjective qualifies a noun. For example: This car is new.(Demonstrative adjective) This is my car.(Demonstrative pronouns)

10. This sofa is uncomfortable. This shelf is useful. This dog is very aggressive.

11. That chair is big. That is our car. That boy is my nephew.

12. Those are my new friends. Those are my sisters. Those are my parents.

13. These are my brothers. These are my cousins.

14. Are used to show people (male and female), objects, things, etc.

15. Examples:

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