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Waves por Mind Map: Waves

1. vibrations

1.1. Definition: To rapidly move back and fourth

1.2. Mine: a weird feeling of tingling

1.3. Example: Xbox controller

2. sound waves

2.1. Definition: a vibration in the air from and object

2.2. Mine: air moveing in a formation to make waves

2.3. Example: speaker

3. Light

3.1. Defination: a form of energy that is visable

3.2. Mine: the bright object in the sky

3.3. Example:light bar

4. Reflected

4.1. Defination: A mirrored image of some thing

4.2. Mine: the thing girls take pictures in

4.3. Example: selfie

5. photons

5.1. small particles

5.2. tiny objects of matter

5.3. color rainbow

6. spectrum

6.1. a band of colors that make up light

6.2. the ranbow is a spectrum

6.3. color pencles

7. prism

7.1. separation of wight light

7.2. floresent light

7.3. light resrictor