John Lennon´s biography

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John Lennon´s biography por Mind Map: John Lennon´s biography

1. A few weeks after releasing Double Fantasy Lennon was shot by a fan in front of his apartment complex in New York. Lennon died at 40 on 8 December 1980.

2. In 1971, he wrote "Imagine", his most famous song after The Beatles' split up .

3. Sean was born and John Lennon disengaged himself from music to raise his son.

4. Lennon met Paul McCartney on 6 July 1957. Two years later John and Paul formed the most successful songwriting band in musical history: The Beatles( 1959-1966)

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5. John went to school between 1946 and 1957. At school John showed an artist talent.

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6. John was born on October 9th, 1940 in Liverpool, England

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7. In August 1962 John got married to Cynthia Powell in August 1962. Then Julian, his first son, was born. Six years later they divorced: 1968.

8. In 1968 John got married to Yoko One. The following year Sean, his second son, was born. That year the song 'Give Peace a Chance' (1969) became the national anthem for pacifists.

9. In 1980, Lennon returned to the music world with the album

10. Lennon left The Beatles in September 1969, just after the group completed recording 'Abbey Road'.