21st Century Learning Environment

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21st Century Learning Environment por Mind Map: 21st Century Learning Environment

1. Move toward flexible units of time

1.1. Enable project-based work

1.2. Interdisciplinary Themes

1.3. Competency- based measurements of student progress

1.4. Move away from "seat time" to gauge student progress

2. Technical Infrastructures Support Student Learning

2.1. Students should not "power down" during the learning process

3. Enable 21st Century Skills

3.1. Physical places should be flexible and adaptable

3.2. Enable collaboration, interaction and information sharing

3.3. Should be connected to the community that surrounds the school

4. Establish a 21st Century Vision for Learning Environments

4.1. Extends beyond brick and mortar buildings

4.2. Learning occurs virtually and through after school programs

4.3. Happens 24/7 in student's environment

4.4. Support development of whole child academically, socially, emotionally and physically

5. Empower the "People Network" in Learning Environments

5.1. One of the most important aspects in 21st century learning environment

5.2. Teachers must move from isolation to connection

5.2.1. Professional Learning Networks help teachers connect worldwide

5.3. Create educational culture that positively impacts student learning

5.4. Teachers must refine their knowledge and skills in collaborative and supportive environments