Nielen's 10 Heuristics for

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Nielen's 10 Heuristics for por Mind Map: Nielen's 10 Heuristics for

1. help & documentation

1.1. there is not individual account for you to see the record of what you have booked for

2. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

2.1. the day is easily available for change before the ticket is conform.

2.2. page dose not have headers which may lead to confusion

2.3. sign there is no individual account , when you have make mistake , the web page is close you have to do all step again to book

3. Aesthetic and minimalist design

3.1. there is some information is not clear

3.2. some content is mixed together

4. Flexibility and efficiency of use

4.1. no sign in link to help to save the chosen result

4.2. there is no change of language

4.3. the booking form has prompt

5. Recognition rather than recall

5.1. the telephone help line has a picture of call operator

5.2. image of national landmark is used

6. Consistency and standards

6.1. the information is not contain in the main headline

6.2. all text url link are blue

6.3. there is contact helpline number in every link page

7. Error prevention

7.1. when choose the date of the flight there is calender for you to choose the date

7.2. no clear separation between booking and search links

7.3. some image can click on some cannot

7.4. there is already exists of car rental . the extra link page will make us confuse

8. User control and freedom

8.1. there is confusion of the round trip show on the webside

8.2. other options like choosing airline , date , departure time , arriving time is stated clearly.

9. Match between system and the real world

9.1. there is pictures to indicate the selection of booking air ticket , hotel etc

10. Visibility of the system status

10.1. there is no sign of the account user