Alpha/Beta Testing

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Alpha/Beta Testing por Mind Map: Alpha/Beta Testing

1. Pros

1.1. Fast

1.1.1. Result will be obtained in a short period of time, as it's easier to create a modified version of the website rather than a new website.

1.2. Test Reality, not theory

1.2.1. The result that is retrieved are the actual result produced by the visitors to the website, rather than a rough estimate.

1.3. Quantifiable

1.3.1. All the result can be shown in numerical figures, hence no guessing/estimation needed.(e.g. Abandonment rate, conversions, etc.)

1.4. Accurate

1.4.1. It's accurate as it's produced by the actions taken by all the visitors to the website.

2. Cons

2.1. Can hurt web result

2.1.1. In A/B testing that bad decision, meaning what you thought was an excellent B test item in an A/B test, may go terribly wrong.

2.1.2. Reducing the traffic flow might make the whole analysis to be slower, and hence it loses it purpose of doing a A/B Testing

2.2. Missing the "WHY"

2.2.1. The Tester could not understand why the user does the user behave in a manner. (e.g. The tester does not know why the user didn't pick the that new and shiny and (what you thought was) totally great B item )

2.3. Not Predictive

2.3.1. It cannot be used to predict the future design change impact, as most of the result obtained is base on the current test results.

2.4. Need Traffic

2.4.1. The number of traffic flow will be split into different percentage, hence without sufficient traffic it will be slow and not accurate.

3. Definition

3.1. A test to check the quality of the item by splitting the traffic evenly with the current/modified version and the previous version.