demonstrative pronouns

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demonstrative pronouns por Mind Map: demonstrative pronouns

1. This

1.1. Este, esta, isto

1.2. demonstrative pronoun of the singular

1.3. Example: this is an apple Está é uma maçã

2. That

2.1. Esse, essa, isso, aquele, aquela, aquilo

2.2. demonstrative pronoun of the singular

2.3. example: this is an apple Essa é uma maçã

3. These

3.1. Estes, estas

3.2. plural demonstrative pronoun

3.3. Example: these are apples Estas são maçãs

4. Those

4.1. Esses, essas, aqueles, aquelas

4.2. plural demonstrative pronoun

4.3. Example: Those are apples Essas são maçãs

5. Demonstrative pronouns have the function of pointing, indicating and showing something, person or object

6. This and These are used to refer to objects that are close or in contact with interlocutor

7. That and Those are we use to refer to objects that are distant or, although close, they are not in contact with the interlocutor