Web 2.0 and Mobile Apps

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Web 2.0 and Mobile Apps von Mind Map: Web 2.0 and Mobile Apps

1. Connect

1.1. LinkedIn (Mobile)- LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service

1.2. Twitter (Mobile)- Twitter is a micro-blog app allowing you to post tweets or re-tweet something someone else tweeted

1.3. Facebook (Mobile)- Facebook allows you to connect with friends, family, or to meet new people. it allows you to post your thoughts and to share information amongst your friends.

1.4. Skype (Web 2.0)-Skype allows you to video chat with people from all over.

1.5. Tumblr (Web 2.0)- Tumblr is a micro-blogging and social networking site. It allows you to post and customize everything, it allows you to get with people you know or to find people that have the same interest that you do.

2. Sharing

2.1. TeacherTube (Web2.0)- TeacherTube is kind of like YouTube but for educational purposes and is monitored to be suitable for students to watch

2.2. Pinterest (Web 2.0) – Pinterest allows you to share images and video on you board, also you can search for different things but category

2.3. MindMeister (Web2.0) Its allows you to collaborate, and share your thought on things with others visually

2.4. SlideShare (Web 2.0)-SlideShare allows you to upload and share publicly or privately PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios

2.5. VoiceThread (Mobile) – VoiceThread allows you to create and share conversations on documents, diagrams, videos, pictures or almost anything. This facilitates collaborative student discussion and work.

3. Collaboration

3.1. AudioNote (Mobile)– A combination of a voice recorder and notepad that captures both audio and notes for student collaboration.

3.2. GoToMeeting (Web 2.0) GoToMeeting allows you to have HD video conferencing with people from all over.

3.3. TodaysMeet (Web 2.0) – This online collaboration tool allows educators to create a “room” in which students can share ideas, answers and thoughts to lectures and lessons. Educators can view student responses in real time for evidence of learning.

3.4. Scrible (Web 2.0)- lets students collaborate and share resources and take notes.

3.5. DropBox (Mobile) allows you to collaborate with others, share photos, doc, and videos

4. Evaluation

4.1. AnswerGarden (Web 2.0) – A tool for online brainstorming or polling, educators can use this real time tool to see student feedback on questions.

4.2. Ubersense (Mobile) -Allows a coach to play video in slow motion in order to analyze body movement.

4.3. Game Changer (Mobile)   Allows a coach to track and manage his baseball team and gives them the stats for review after the game.

4.4. Plickers (Mobile) – Allows teachers to collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices. Perfect for the one-device classroom.

4.5. Survey Monkey (Mobile) This app lets you create surveys and publish them online and then view the results immediately