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E.O.D von Mind Map: E.O.D

1. Horizontal Line

1.1. I like the lines an color in the bathroom it has a smooth calm feel to it, I like the way the stripes are not to close because it doesn't look crammed together

1.2. The way the walls in this room are curving out and then it has the stripes makes " walking area / hallway " look bigger I think and more open.

1.3. I like the colors of the stripes they go nicely with the whole room and I like how every other stripe is mirror it looks nice and it looks mature.

2. Curvy Lines

2.1. The curvy lines in this photo have a fun look to them an I like how the match with the walls an the ceilings all the curves are going the same way

2.2. I really like how almost everything has a curve to it it shows character. It also creates a flowing, chill, fun house instead of straight lines which would make me feel serious an stiff

2.3. I like how the curves are all going the same way an I like how the colors an the curves go together it shows can that its not all that serious it also the color makes it look mature

3. Space

3.1. In this first room there i like how there is a lot of open space above the couch and there isn't anything hanging from the ceiling so it looks open and big

3.2. This room is really big and the white everywhere makes it look even bigger , the floor is extremely open and everything is spaced out really well

3.3. The ceiling pointing up makes the room look smaller to me I feel like if the ceiling was just flat then the room would look a lot bigger then it is, but the rooms long.

4. Vertical Lines

4.1. I think that lines going up and down in a room make it look smaller then it is , the lines in this room made it look small and like there isn't much room to move around

4.2. I don't like these lines because it looks like to much going on and it makes it look childish kinda and awkward

4.3. Vertical lines made this room look really small but it makes it look " taller " so it looks like there is more room above all the objects

5. Diagonal Lines

5.1. The diagonal window makes this room appear big and open !

5.2. All stairs are diagonal but the way these stairs are look cool because there is more of them and they are small.

5.3. I like the tiles in this area because it looks cool and flowing

6. Zig Zag Lines

6.1. The floor in the bathroom makes it look small and it doesn't look good as " flooring "

6.2. This outside area looks a little awkward and it looks like it would be weird to place furniture or outside objects . It also is to open.

6.3. I like this wall because it accents the room really well and it just looks nice . Adds character

7. Texture

7.1. The leather on the back of the bed of whatever looks cold and smooth.

7.2. The back wall looks rough, it's made of stone or rock , it looks really looks good in the bathroom it adds something that makes the room not looks boring

7.3. The blanket looks really soft and it makes the room look cozy even though there is a cold looking brick wall in the room to.