Steroids in Sports

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Steroids in Sports von Mind Map: Steroids in Sports

1. sports

1.1. Professional

1.1.1. MLB

1.1.2. NBA which cooperation is it more common in? Who has the harshest punishments?

1.1.3. NHl Do you just get time off or are you banned from the sport?

1.1.4. NFl

1.2. College

1.2.1. What's the percentage of use in college? If you were kicked off the team would you be kicked out of the college too?

1.3. High School

1.3.1. What's the percentage of use in hs? Do our routine drug test at our highschool pick up performance enhancing drugs?

2. coaches and parents

2.1. Are some kids pushed to use anabolic steroids?

2.1.1. Could the stress from the parents be leading to more drug use from the athletes?

3. Health

3.1. What are the long term effects?

3.2. Do they do more harm than good?

3.3. Side effects of steroids?

3.3.1. Could this effect performance while you are taking steroids?

3.3.2. Does the amount you take offer different results?

3.3.3. Do people stack the steroids and mix them with other things?

4. Illegal

4.1. Most athletes never admit to taking steroids because they are banned by most sports corporations.

4.1.1. Therefore if an athlete had a drug problem or health problem caused by steroids they would never get help, because this would ruin their career. Increased cholesterol and blood pressure, stunted growth, mood swings, depression,addiction, HIV (needles), hepatitis, acne, heart disease, stroke.

4.1.2. This could also lead to more drug use because the athletes refuse to get help.