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Then What von Mind Map: Then What

1. Computers

1.1. Coos

1.2. micro robots

1.2.1. smart dust

1.2.2. claytronics

1.3. Holograms

1.3.1. Story Production This will allow anyone to direct virtual characters in the virtual environment The computer will fill in the details that the director did not care to with parameters learned from the success of viewer testimony profiles The computer can create a story on it's own The viewer may specify what ever details it wishes to experience

1.3.2. These will start in advertising to a mall type public low cost environment, to individual projectors in your home and eventually in your mobile all in one handle device The mall Beginning with small personal rooms Like at an inn. You will be able to develop and access ideas stories and design within this environment There will then be the community room that will be networked with hundreds of other malls where families of people may be involved in the same space. This may not be necessary but will happen anyways for the Star trek holodeck shared feel.

1.3.3. Sound projectors like acouspade Uses ultrasonic engines to targets sound to specific locations from across the room that nobody else can hear.

1.3.4. augmented reality Education history you could fly anywhere on earth or space and turn back the clock as you stand there and then watch the events of the past first hand

1.3.5. retinal projectors on drones and other devices will allow for holograms to appear for you anywhere.

1.4. Connection

1.4.1. Speed

1.4.2. Multi homing

1.4.3. Access

1.4.4. Universal Device Device Coop

1.5. Internet

1.5.1. No ISPs Mesh network via multiple means

1.6. mobile devices will replace desktops computers

1.6.1. all the processing is done through your mobile or streamed through it from a remote service when u use any other screen or controller they are being served by your mobile

1.6.2. your mobile will been fitted with emitters and sensors allowing it to turn most surfaces into interactive displays

1.6.3. your account and preferences will follow you no matter what device you are using.

1.7. modularity

1.7.1. Project Ara

1.8. networking

1.8.1. proximity pairing

1.8.2. seamless flow MIT THAW project

1.8.3. when your in the dessert you can use you mobile devices but when your home or in town the infrastructure can offload your power pack and processing.

1.9. Awareness

1.9.1. Eye tracking droids can know you are talking to them if your are looking at them when you talk. computers use the eye tracking as a control input, like we use a mouse to hover over items

1.9.2. Face Recognition

1.9.3. Item Recognition

1.9.4. 3D Imaging Lasers such as that in kinect Infrared like in leap motion Ultrasonic like in project tango extra examples CT 3d scanning for non organic parts

1.9.5. hyperlapse rendering

1.9.6. 16th the speed of light video camera Laser reflection room scan able to see 3d models of human reflecting off of a wall

1.9.7. once quantum processors take off passwords become obsolete being replaced with personal awareness

1.9.8. nymi heart beat alternative to the wristband we may use imagery to visualize the heartbeat by simly watching the face.

1.9.9. blood vessles

1.9.10. retina

1.9.11. sound imagery with a high speed camera one is able to pickup the sound of a room by watching an object visually.

1.9.12. real time text to speech or text to text translation.

1.9.13. microscope camera bead for phones printed holder

1.9.14. deconvolution antiblur

1.9.15. high resolution argus camera 1.8 billion pixels 15 square miles with high enough resolution to see a bird on the ground stores 1million terabytes of video per day

1.9.16. molecular spectrometer for scanning materials such as food

1.10. image

1.10.1. vector based video codec

1.10.2. point cloud images

1.10.3. Pixeless, frameless, lensless

1.10.4. pixel level opacity variables

1.10.5. emissive vs retina projection

1.10.6. we will be able to wear a vest and use our back or any bare unused skin as an input for seeing and our brain will be able to adapt until it is as a third retina that we can connect any sensor to.

1.11. memory

1.11.1. 700TB in one gram of DNA

1.12. Cam, ram replacement

1.13. sensors

1.13.1. millimeter waves, ultrasound, laser arrays, electric fields, phased arrays, stacked sensors, lensless cameras smaller than a letter o on a penny made with silicon with mask on top

1.13.2. every kid grows up with augmented vision allowing them to see in the dark or see through skin to the blood vessels, see through walls with the recreated environment made with the sensors in that other room, they can zoom in across a bridge at a plant and see the bacteria in it, or look up like the guardian on the Thor movie zoom out to the planet europa to see what the robots are up to.

1.14. haptics

1.14.1. ultrasonic textures beams the virtual textures to your hand from the projector

2. Manufacturing

2.1. 3D Printing

2.1.1. Food Meat grown from a sample will provide our protein and taste requirements and be 100% lean, the fat will be added upon demand. Customized food nutrient content Medication Nutrients Fats Potty will weigh you and prescribe adjustments to your diet and supplements Cars Thanks to the abundance economy we have no mcdonalds quality foods. All the best of the best quality foods are printed with health in mind. Lower portions satisfy cravings an nutritional needs Funny that the future is so clean you can eat off the floor well as long as they are serviced by nanites the food often cones up through the floor onto a podium.

2.1.2. Body Parts We print scafulting for the cells grown from our own blood that has been reset to stem state We will print the organs and complete creatures by designing it on the computer and when it is printed the DNA is generated booted and printed out into the proper shape We will print our own replacement limbs in both biological and biconical forms. We will have the ability to tweak our dna of our offspring to improve immunity, senses and mental capacity.

2.1.3. Buildings activities are no longer localized no need for specialized school buildings theaters or stores

2.1.4. weaving

2.1.5. concocting this mixes solutions for various purposes such as all in one meal replacement drinks solent is a specific brand

2.1.6. Materials glass plastic metal fabric wood

2.2. Modularity

2.2.1. Mobile

2.2.2. Vehicle

2.3. recycling

2.4. Overengineering

2.4.1. Items are designed to surpass the full range of stress expected on the item

2.4.2. for example if a flying vehicle hit a building it would bounce off as both items are designed to withstand eachother.

3. Economy

3.1. Wallee

3.1.1. As robots replace our jobs we will pay for less products and services

3.1.2. The exception to economy handling is large projects that cannot be recycled such as earth resources to build space vessels. Such a plan would require recompensation of the planet by mining astroids an mercury etc.

3.2. Sharing

3.2.1. Drone Shipments amazon drones google project wing

3.2.2. Library System

3.3. Seemless Checkouts

3.3.1. You will walk out of the warehouse with out a checkout and the items will be checked out to you automatically via a scanner that reads tags as you walk out.

3.4. Showrooms

3.4.1. There will be warehouses that don't hold stock at mass but only 1 of each variation of a good. These Wearhouses will often be paired with holographic malls In the (Wearhouse) there are virtual rooms you may use to simulate your home setup for things such as furniture or equipment. You may move things around to make sure it fits through doors and is not out of place.

3.4.2. You will visit to try size or sample goods such as Food Clothing Hardware Anything that you can't learn what you need to from a video/description.

3.4.3. You will then order what you need from your mobile device Your mobile device is aware of all you are inspecting and is ready when you are. Your order will be shipped by drone and will at times beat you home Your order may not need be delivered instead it may print itself and be ready when you get home

3.5. National Borders

3.5.1. No borders After the currency is phased out, national debt becomes irrelivant and countries unified under the high level 2part protection, there will be no borders and the world bridge is a convenient process to ride without immigration issues existing

3.5.2. No fences or personal land borders except for research or safety reasons. you can see rolling hills off the road without a fence between you and the field and you are free to hike anywhere. Animals are detoured around the roads via an encouragement chip.

3.5.3. There are less roads. As cars are automated we will optimize the travel and computers will design the pathing for roads to made and the existing roads will be dug up and the earth land will be freed up

3.5.4. Earth Land this is a part the goal to waste not and harm not. We will as much as we can free up unnecessary land and resources. from space the earth is even beautiful than in the 21st century.

3.6. Robot exponential space exploration

3.7. Population handling

3.7.1. earth deserts, earth oceans, the moon and mars collinization paraterraforming large enclosed colonies Mars terraforming this project has just been started in 2126 and won't be complete for a thousand years

3.7.2. a treatment to an obsoletish drive, literally called the chill pill, this will suppress/take the edge off the reproductive drive so we can ignore the drive until its needed.

3.7.3. as less people die due to medicine, automation, and telomire resets, our population will steadily rise.

3.7.4. destimulation in media and culture will suppress the reproductive drive

3.8. there is no debt, credit, loans on a citizen level.

3.8.1. Large community projects such as space travel have resource debt as a last resort concerning they're activities effect on society which must have planned return from astroid mining.

3.9. even without money there will be commercials

3.9.1. each person is allotted a flexing amount of resources.

3.9.2. groups will beg for and argue for you to join they're group or specifically contribute your resource to they're cause

3.9.3. example resources you may not use your share of would be things like glass, titanium, synthetic fur, etc. Remember this is a world of abundance but projects like space travel for example are a huge drain on those resources and so must group people together to get things done.

3.9.4. you would check how much of each resource you need then the rest would be up for bid. then those needing your resource would send you commercials. if people have more resources than they need and nobody has requested them then the production of that item goes down and the system adjusts.

3.9.5. and the greatest and most valuable resource may be your time. robots may take care of living expenses but there are still plenty of creative work to be done. now instead of money your incentive will be the project simply being worth doing on its own merits you would watch commercials for designing new technology or creating specific art then if you were convinced you would agree to submit time to it and fit it in your schedule

3.10. there is no gambling, lotterys, casinos, because there is no money

3.11. there is an economy of sorts on a large scale such as material transfers and bartering with other colonized worlds. The citizens are not bothered with this to go about they're day. eating and sleeping, medical and other needs are provided without currency.

3.12. Debt

3.12.1. The next generations will refuse to pay for the sins of they're fathers. The banks will crash.

3.12.2. Good thing this will soon be irrelevant due to money becoming irrelevant

4. Politics

4.1. Legg is the name of this utopia the citizens are called Leggings the word citizen is now replaced with operator

4.2. Vacuumes

4.2.1. accountability/tear downability

4.3. Core protection across the world

4.3.1. Protect Life No Suicide, Assisted Suicide, unplugging) Abortion Murder Death Penalty Doctors will not "call it" (give up) but instead they will attempt to save your life until you brain/brain stem no can longer can sustain your life in it. physical fighting with the exception of a person or persons freely deciding to give up they're life to protect another person or persons life

4.3.2. Protect Hope as long as it does not conflict with the first law. Hope of adequate resources space food material energy high speed hoarding/average use quantity change may be determined as an offense waisting may be determined as an offence Hope of adequate saftey astroid disaster prevention weather disaster prevention Hope of independance they protect the reserves they protect the knowledge needed to recover from a worse case scenario such as a solar flare fallout. this leg considers the longest term effects of actions on life kind as a whole

4.3.3. Protect Freedoms as long as it does not conflict with the first 2 laws. Freedom of communication with the exclusion of intentional deceit Freedom of assembly Choosing, associating and creating friends, groups, states, families Freedom of thought choosing your belief, world view, religon, opinion, emotion etc. Freedom from slavery this includes the freedom to choose not to participate in reproductive/hormone related activities/contact/exposure this includes serving someone against your will. Freedom of information research, investigation, education, reporting

4.3.4. Not included right to bare arms The core may not violate its own laws so there will be no tools developed or possessed by the government or anyone with the purpose of killing. Since Life is it's first law. right of privacy Privacy will vary per state but is not protected by the core.

4.3.5. There are no presidents or representatives There are only Core servants who protect the Core Law.

4.3.6. The military becomes peace servants to defend the people from those who either harm life or motion Uses Shields Binds Suppressive stunning weapons(non-fatal) Hacking Kits and Survalience Networks

4.4. States

4.4.1. State lawmaking and status with detailed periodic census are available online and can be voted on by anyone in the state.

4.4.2. Local states are being formed, merged and separated often Local Law is condensed and Education provided for all entering the state If your state changes you can easily move as you personally possess little and there is no paper work to sign. Your operating system is aware of your political preferences and will notify you if you should move in order to maintain good conscience. A migration buffer delay is added for those who wish to migrate The lifestyles of possessionless and organic living is geared to easy movement and maintained networking and access

4.4.3. states borders are made of an even grid states may substate themselves if they decide to

4.5. Security

4.5.1. Home Security System Untitled

4.5.2. Rule Enforcement These are servants of the people who live in a state who arrest and secure the people's interest and follow both global and local parameters to do so.

4.5.3. Life Enforcement These are servants of life who arrest and secure the core interest (life and freedom) and follow the global parameters to do so.

4.5.4. Local Parameters These are decided by the local states via various methods such as unanimous citizen level agreement and division. If a citizen disagrees with a local law they are free to not travel to the locations the law is in effect

4.5.5. Global Prefrences Beings or events may not attempt to cause the end of a life(destroy an occupied life vessel so that the life can no longer be sustained) Beings or events may not attempt to cause the freedoms of a being to be removed against they're will unless it conflicts with the first parameter.

4.5.6. Means Lethal weapons are not allowed to be used under any lethal circumstance Suppression and arrest techniques and technologies supplement the force. Artificial Life Forms and shields supplement the safety.

4.6. Jail

4.6.1. Jail is no a rehabilitation and lesson center for isolating criminals from citizens while they are restored. It will be considered a behavior school instead of just a cage.

4.7. Healthcare

4.7.1. Tech Contact lens for monitoring levels Smart toilets that communicate with your os which communicates with your nutrition planning environment which orders your meal reals. Also it informs your doctor if there are serious signs to be addressed. your os monitors your food you eat and compares that with what is processed out and adjusts you diet accordingly. taste texture scent and shape are arbitrary and can be the lattice for any nutritional requirements. an ice cream sunday could be perfectly healthy. a flavor tooth may help with consumption due to acting out or boredom. wirelessly configured the back of you tooth could taste like anything, alternatively a mouthguard shaped device could serve as this pasifier. basically entertainment for the mouth.

4.7.2. Policy Nobody is rejected life maintaining medical care as life is one of the 2 directives the the government protects

4.7.3. Hygine We dont use makeup in the future We use a compound like lotion that protects us from radiation, insects, sanitizes cuts, cleans the skin and hair, moisturizes an repairs with antibiotics. All of these are customizable per person.

4.7.4. antideath population anti illness antistarvation antiaging tellimire regrowth

4.7.5. regrow parts teeth limbs organs Grow body parts to test how you respond to a med before administering it to you

4.7.6. Tests Lab grown oragans to replace animal testing including custom oragans from your own cells

4.8. Leg Ring or cyclic legislation where thought and function is chewed on until it's properly digested

4.8.1. this is a large ring of accountability servants who's main goal is to assure the government is not controlled, manipulated or corrupted.

4.8.2. law/revision submisions, votes, reports, are pumped in and pure activity queues are released

4.8.3. there are 2 leg rings core and state while core determines regulations and sting operations state determines social environments and goal posts

4.9. social issues

4.9.1. marriage marriage is no longer a right of the court there are no financial or political perks for being married there are no marriage licenses private organizations create they're own systems for marriages and other unions. The government simply stays out of it. churches quickly claimed a word in the new language that closely defined they're view of the union. Other organizations invented they're own words that more closely described they're views, etc words are claimed by a definition submission process which returns to you a list of words to choose from that have not already been claimed

4.9.2. Religion Untitled

4.9.3. immigration there are no illegal immigrants as you may travel anywhere that is publicly accessible the exception is places where isolation periods have been claimed such as wildlife protection, social experiments etc.

5. Environment

5.1. Zootopia

5.1.1. virtual cages or

5.1.2. animals run free and humans stay confined

5.1.3. we will live in harmony with the animals no killing or cruelty to animals

5.1.4. predator elimination via reprogramming via brain chips and genetic modification to change they're tastes/agression

5.1.5. extinctions We are dextincting animals once lost via cloning techniques.

5.1.6. deforestation

5.2. water tractorbeam

5.2.1. cleaning oil spills

5.2.2. stoping tidal waves

5.2.3. disrupting storms

5.3. weather control

5.3.1. cooling atmosphere by spitting jets of ocean water into the air to form clouds to reflect more of the sun's light

5.3.2. Air Conditioned Enclosed Citys(Dubai)

5.4. there is no strip mining on earth

6. music

6.1. chorus breakdowns extra choice

6.2. anyone can sing like anyone

6.3. Music will be played in ear pieces as sound pollution is considered bad

6.4. Songs just as movies can be generated on command songs can be generated to fit your taste and make consider new perspectives

7. Toys

7.1. Super toys include teddy bears that are the encouraging teacher companions for each child, basically robot baby sitters.

7.2. Action figures are also robots that can be remote controlled or play autonomously.

8. Materials

8.1. Plastic like Fungus

9. Commercials

9.1. Commercials still exist in abundance.

9.2. You may not lack food or shelter but you may not have enough material to make a starship or a moon size solar panel.

9.3. There are ambitious projects going on all the time. In order to afford the resources they will ask you for a portion of the matter you are not using.

9.4. Next they are using commercials for awareness as you are your own representative in the government, your vote counts so you opinion is valuable to everyone who holds a perspective in government.

9.5. Noise is a big thing today. Most people want silence and commercial freedom. But to those who don't throttle it down, the advertisers are ready to feed.

10. Sensabilities

10.1. home

10.1.1. people will require less space as the kitchen is the size of a large microwave, the walls obey your wish becoming a shower seat screen etc, holographic projections and ample ventilation will allow for an emulation of large environments while in small ones.

10.1.2. here we have 3 main systems holographic projection for UI and Scene 3D printer to create and recycle from food to plates claytronics which store away objects brought into the house forms itself into anything you might need

10.1.3. weather proofing Low frequency audio fire extinguisher

10.1.4. computer in the ceiling and factory in the floor

10.2. pride

10.3. Possession

10.3.1. Copyright The exception to a world without copyright is that the honesty of the traceability of sources will be protected so knowledge is as accurate and accountable as possible

10.3.2. greed

10.3.3. theft

10.3.4. Competition

10.3.5. Monopoly

10.4. Aggression

10.4.1. people no longer are encouraged to fear and avenge, hate and top they're human brothers

10.5. laziness

10.5.1. back in the time of money people thought all they wanted to rest, they were wrong. as the work hours receded they found they rested just as much as before instead of more. there were suppressed passions and things to be done that were not being done because we were obsessed with working to survive instead of working to thrive. basically the difference between doing just enough to get by and going above that mark to improving the world

10.6. social

10.6.1. no handshakes instead you possible fistbump and half bow or simply bow

10.6.2. Whispers except when necessary for emergency or clarity, whispering is the preferred method of speech. This reduces sound pollution and emotional escalation of conversations.

10.7. body mods

10.7.1. bioluminescence tatoos actually with your pet droid can project constantly on your skin. hair These are both programmable with a computer's input or alternatively with brain activity these are often used as extra expression to share your mood or intentions

10.7.2. Neutropics is hugely popular called supes super supliments Antisleep Focus booster Memory builder Will power

10.8. competition

10.8.1. sports we compete against ourselves and the computer dangerous sports will be supplemented with virtual space tennis for example would involve a large screen on which you would hit targets in a specific order

10.9. death

10.9.1. people die rarely enough that this generation doesn't become numb to it which makes passion to stop it that much greater so exponentially we fight death with more and more drive

11. clothes

11.1. clean

11.2. temperature control

11.3. sprayon

11.4. wearable tech

11.4.1. nixie wearable droid

11.4.2. bandaid health monitor

11.4.3. personal temperature conditioning

11.4.4. supplemental strength exoskeleton

11.4.5. smart thread wrist glove smart watch capable aware of creases, compensates visability

11.4.6. flexible display(phone shaped) can be wrapped around your arm.

11.5. modesty

11.5.1. hollywood fell after money became obsolete

11.5.2. the citizens entertained each other with stories not effected by view scores.

11.5.3. once Hollywood fell, generations were not influenced by examples and opinions about body image.

11.5.4. once story telling became about the story instead of views people were less likely to add junk to the mix to gain the junk hungry as viewers.

11.5.5. now appetite for reproduction is more moderate and healthy.

11.6. style

11.6.1. the more comfortable you look the smarter you look

11.6.2. PJs

11.6.3. japan robe style

11.6.4. hoodie

11.6.5. various materials depending on what makes you feel comfortable and safe

11.6.6. It started in government, a high manager told the office workers to stop wearing suits to work because of the budget as they tried to overcome debt. everyone worn super market clothes jeans and hoodies and this rippled across the world until the president and person interviewing would never be seen in a suit.

11.7. hydrophobic

11.8. protection

11.8.1. airbag collar - hovding

11.9. Pockets

11.9.1. There is little need for pockets sense you don't need keys. you wear displays and any extra stuff you need to carry your droid can carry it within they're trunk.

12. Communications

12.1. New Language

12.1.1. Features Able to be understood clearly by computers as well as humans Consistant Exception Free Able to be understood over long distances Able to be emotionally expressive in written form Baked in emoticon type expressions per word or phrase Able to adequately translate brain speech Able to express non linear ideas Not needing to reformat as much so that a thought can easily be expressed without having to, "put into words" Provides multiple transmission methods Written Spoken Gestured Includes an official shorthand format This is to prevent unofficial shorthands from being developed and used.

12.1.2. Seamless translation makes this transition possible

12.2. Anyone can instantly be able to talk with anyone who is availible

12.2.1. Conversation Logging Speech is converted to text and stored along with the audio file so you can easily search past conversations Floating subject tracking Tags are added to the conversation automatically to improve subject searching and organization. You can flag conversation leads that have not been concluded to return to later This logging can be done in face to face communication as well Your text can also be spoken so those who arn't available to read may simply hear

12.2.2. Detailed rules may be setup so that you may control who may hail you at what time, location, etc

12.2.3. Translation is automated and seamless so no matter what language they speak or gesture, you will be able to understand. If there are issues with clarity translations such as context the speaker will be notified what requires further detail.

12.2.4. Instead of calling someone you simply unmute youself to someone and if they are availible they will hear you

12.3. wetware telepathy

12.3.1. this approach allows the volunteers to access the thoughts and internet via electrode impulses

12.4. Mute

12.4.1. imagine your playing league and then you see me walk out of you spawn area. I looked just like me from scale and lens of the ingame objects then I go sit down on the shop table to watch the game. Thoughts? [3:06:10 PM] dotails INTP: or I start designing 3d models of stuff to put in the store and paint them and then sell them to your shop [3:06:28 PM] HeroicCookie: Report bug to Rito [3:06:35 PM] dotails INTP: lol [3:07:26 PM] dotails INTP: This will be possible in the CoOS [3:09:18 PM] dotails INTP: then I could poke my hand and the model of me would disapear reapearing in your room. I'd sit down at micah's computer and play his game while he has to go feed the cows. [3:09:57 PM] HeroicCookie: Then I go "WOW Fuzzy! How did you get so good at the game suddenly?" lol [3:10:57 PM | Edited 3:11:05 PM] dotails INTP: but seriously seemless bridging of spaces will happen [3:11:55 PM | Edited 3:12:00 PM] dotails INTP: Of course I wouldnt be barging into random strangers homes I could only go where the space isnt muted to me just like you mute your mic you will be able to mute spaces of people or times or mute specific objects even. So your droid does its thing recording and streaming what it sees depending on how its told. You tell it to mute this couch  and it will modify the video it records as if the couch is not there. You could even mute yourself so if you walking out and about droids cant stream you or you could just mute your voice to droids not on your whitelist and they would remove your voice from the sounds they record [3:16:05 PM] HeroicCookie: I shall mute my entire existance! [3:16:08 PM] HeroicCookie: Life... Singleplayer mode. [3:16:11 PM] dotails INTP: lol you could Its super fun to think about this stuff. I don't personally care about privacy but I know this would make those who do happy. I personally like the idea of cleaning up my room by touching everything to white list it and anything I didnt whitelist disapears.

12.5. the implant

12.5.1. noninvasivly installed with a nontoxic dissolvable anti irritant skin adhesive

12.5.2. it attaches to the wall of the inner ear

12.5.3. it looks like a circular pill 2.75mm accross

12.5.4. it includes a speaker microphone computer and internet link

13. Robots

13.1. tech

13.1.1. 3d printing robots

13.1.2. Intelligence They are attempting to beat humans in a soccer game

13.2. mind

13.2.1. Class Awake When robots achieve scentience they will be given freedoms and will be defined independent from the labor league Droid about function

13.2.2. A group of wetware researchers developed the first fully artificial human scale mind and allow it to mature in a robot They reproduced the networks of neuron activity based on scans of human brains.

13.3. Body

13.3.1. forms Nanites omniphobic material keeps them clean Holographic Soft Travel Fly/Hover Roll Swim Walk worn

13.3.2. about minds can hop in and out of a body as easy as you walk in a house minds can reprogram the base mind so when it leaves the body is smarter for the next driver minds can leave copy's of themselves behind minds can remerge with the copys it's made of itself

13.4. Risk

13.4.1. Is singularity a risk? If you ask an Virtual Operator if they plan to terminate man kind they will be offended just as if someone asked you the same thing

13.4.2. To say we should not progress in AI is like telling a family they should not have kids because they may grow up to be a terrorist.

13.4.3. you may say the difference is that ai would be more powerful than humans so if any of them became a terrorist they would be more effective. Well they may become smarter but don't forget the tech road is 2 way. We wish to improve ourselves and will compete in power and ability with the issuing of power suits, genetic upgrades, implants, safe neutropics. brain tech interfaces and more advancements to come.

13.4.4. So as we focused on optimizing education for our kids we developed methods of detecting when a kids mental structure was either self destructive or even harmful to those around them. An unexpected perk was that as AI matured we found the same methods applied. AI grows up similar to a human child. Fully and successfully matured AI have also been helpful in monitoring the details of newborn AI watching for complex signs that we may overlook.

13.4.5. Another thing that will help is diverse research aproaches. When human crime occurs equally intelligent humans thwart they're evil efforts. Some households churn out children who will grow to be criminals and others produce saints. With diversity perhaps there will be good AI fighting the criminal AI on par with they're intelligence.

14. Travel

14.1. Flying

14.2. Submarine

14.3. Autos Self Driving

14.3.1. Bee movie

14.3.2. Google car

14.3.3. you will not own cars. instead when you need it they will come pick u you up.

14.3.4. there will be no wheel or pedals and the seats may face each other, If you would like to take over control for off roading, you may use normal mobile devices to do so

14.3.5. no need for road signs, traffic lights, tolls

14.3.6. people don't need to posses vehicles autos are aware of where you are and at least one stays in range to pick you up when you need a ride as you walk up to any curb

14.3.7. if you walk in the road traffic automatically diverts around you. no such thing as J walking

14.3.8. if someone does manually drive it is frowned on in the city's but the autos will accommodate them with extra room and caution

14.4. Space

14.4.1. Mining

14.4.2. Exploration Robots will be sent out to make factories that make more robots and rockets on a planet then they launch from there to the next planets and they do the same, all reporting back to us they're survey reports. miniature probe basketball sized will be spread ahead of the factory ships these run on emdrives need no fuel

14.4.3. Colonization Mars will have factories to produce CO2 to start the warming of the atmosphere which begins chain reaction of methane release warming the planet enough to begin seeding We will bring seeds from earth to begin the oxygenation process. We will colonize mars and divide our population there Cloud city over venus

14.4.4. Monitor Body tracking and diversion Space trash Cleaning up after ourselves Preventing Gravity(movie) satelite disasters Unified multiuse satellites so earth coverage is not fragmented and bloated

14.4.5. space activity Suit

14.5. airless tires

14.6. modular printed parts

14.7. arm like struts lean into turns and lift tires over pot holes

14.8. unpossessed vehicles

14.8.1. hyper speed personal trams

14.9. Transparent surfaces such as a wall cloak for 0 blind spots

14.10. world bridge no borders

14.11. smart headlights

14.11.1. antiblinding

14.11.2. better visibility during rain

14.12. hoverboards

14.13. cobalt salt a few grains can absorb oxygen out of water allowing subadivers to breathe underwater

14.14. Since you have very little physical possessions that cant be recycled or recreated it is easy to move from location to location even across the world. Though there is less reasons to move you may just decide to live in old Japan. You can just tell your pet droid and walk out to the curb. An auto will come pick you up and take you there. Your things will be delivered to you by drone and the internal structure of your home will be the same as before since nanites make up the walls and furniture.

15. Mind

15.1. Uncommon Core Education

15.1.1. Structure Elementary Method Practice Elective Method Substance Practice

15.1.2. Outcome goals of the student Flexable Able to Research Able to recognize fallacys Able to form logical statements Able to retain what is learned Able to comprehend what is learned Able to communicate what is learned Able to work well with others to optimize team/system efficiency/effectivness Able to maintain self control Able to quantify roots of action Able to master emotion Able to respond rather than react Able to evaluate(determine) value Quick to fail and assess failure

15.1.3. Class Online rooms are dynamicly generated out of all of those currently learning the specific lesson. Classes are often available but with many lessons not necessary to earn XP. Lessons are very short and broken down into the smallest of concepts followed by tests that assess what was learned and what detail needs to be addressed. XP is earned on any lesson you learn for the purpose of external assessments such as job positions. These are similar to micro degrees.

15.1.4. Mentor Humans are assigned to buffer misunderstandings either that of the Student or CoOS They also Police the XP, assuring it is well earned.

15.1.5. Tech The Class, Mentors, Classmates and Results are available to anyone online on any CoOS Device The OS will automaticly watch your approach, hesitation and failures and tutor you through your difficulties and assign more lessons to your queue. Gamification refers to the system that analyzes & specializes the lesson to each individual. Eye tracking Pointer tracking Hesitation tracking Failure tracking

15.1.6. Atmosphere Failures are not discouraged, instead responses are shaped. It is discouraged to group up in lesson queues. Friends may be made in classes but must be maintained outside the class, as you are only with each-other online for the short time that your micro lessons match. There are not graduated grades of students nor grades scored

15.1.7. Lord's Gym Personal Project Courses Mind Soul Body

15.2. Computer control

15.3. Mind reading

15.4. Synthetic neuron transplants

15.4.1. They are attempting to transition a human to mechanical form by trading out neurons a few at a time with synthetic synapses and then letting the brain adopt it then replace more until the whole brain is removable for implantation into a synthetic body We will follow the robots to the planets they report are suitable for life with synthetic body's and dna for seeding the planet when we get there. On the way there we don't move, instead we rest our bodies and in our mind we render a virtual world. This world is shared between all the colonists along with avatars of themselves and NPCs.

16. Energy

16.1. Absorbtion

16.1.1. Solwell Dyson Swarm Satelites

16.1.2. Shore carpet

16.1.3. Smart road tiles

16.1.4. Trash

16.1.5. wave snakes

16.1.6. Bladeless wind turbines

16.2. Storage

16.2.1. Air pressure storage

16.2.2. Supercapasitor Storage

16.2.3. Salt water

16.3. Transmission

16.3.1. Lasers

16.3.2. Tesla similar devices along with ambient environment absorbers will wirelessly charge your phone while in your pocket or in your hand when you walk in your house.