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Fource von Mind Map: Fource

1. Types of Forces

1.1. Net Force

1.1.1. more than 1 force on an object

1.1.2. in different directions or not

1.1.3. same strength or not

1.2. Unbalanced Force

1.2.1. effects start moving stop moving changing direction

1.2.2. 2 forces acting in the same direction

1.2.3. 2 forces acting in different directions but each strength would be different

1.3. Balanced Force

1.3.1. do not change objects motion

1.3.2. same strength

1.4. What is Force

1.4.1. push or pull

1.4.2. described by strength and direction

1.4.3. measured in Newtons

2. Gravity

2.1. universal Gravity

2.1.1. Force that keeps everything on earth

2.1.2. Force I all the other planets creates the solar system

2.1.3. cant feel the force because its too big to notice

2.2. Factors affecting Gravity

2.2.1. mass matter in an object SI unit for mass is kg more mass=more gravitational foce

2.2.2. distance farther apart 2 objects are=less gravitational force closer 2 objects are=more gravitational force

2.3. Weight + Mass

2.3.1. mass matter in an objest

2.3.2. weight gravitational fource depends on strength gravity

3. Friction

3.1. causes

3.1.1. how hard the surfaces push together

3.1.2. types of surfaces involved

3.2. types of friction

3.2.1. Rolling Friction rolling object against a surface

3.2.2. Fluid Friction solid objects that passes by a fluid

3.2.3. Static Friction objects that are not in motion

3.2.4. Sliding Friction 2 surfaces slide with each other

4. Gravity

4.1. effects

4.1.1. mass matter in an object

4.1.2. distance distance between 2 objects

4.2. factors

4.2.1. weight gravity on an object on the planet

4.2.2. Mass matter in an object

4.3. Universal Gravity

4.3.1. Gravity is everywhere

4.4. Free Fall

4.4.1. when the only force applied to an object is gravity

4.4.2. Air Resistance type of fluid Friction falling objects

4.4.3. Projectile Motion object that is thrown

5. Laws Of Motion

5.1. #1 Law: An object will keep moving with velocity, unless and unbalanced force is added

5.1.1. Inertia tendency to resist change requires mass

5.2. #2 Law: Net Force and Mass affects the acceleration

5.2.1. acceleration= Net Force/Mass

5.3. #3 Law: if a force hits one object, the object will return the same force

5.3.1. Action-Reaction Paris

5.3.2. Detecting Motion you cant see or feel it

6. Momentum

6.1. mass x velocity