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Motion von Mind Map: Motion

1. Speeds

1.1. Velocity

1.1.1. Velocity is speed with the addition of a direction, north, west, south and east. An example of this is a tornado going 50mi/h Northwest, this will help people living in that area know whats happening.

1.2. Speed Eqation

1.2.1. Speed is distance over time, it can be calculated by dividing distance over the amount of time. It express the average speed of the object over a certain amount of time.

1.3. Instantaneous Speed

1.3.1. Instantaneous speed is you speed at that instance of time. That means in a bicycle race your average speed is 20mi/h but you instantaneous speed could be 30mi/h.

2. Acceleration

2.1. Increasing Speed

2.1.1. Whenever an objects increases in speed that means that it is accelerating. Like a car going from off to 50km/h, it accelerated to get to that speed

2.2. Decreasing Speed

2.2.1. Decreasing speed is when a object begins to decelerate and slow down. Friction sometimes helps with deceleration by slowing an object like a softball on grass down.

2.3. Changing Direction

2.3.1. An object can also change direction when it is accelerating. Acceleration is also a change in direction for an object in motion.

3. What is Motion

3.1. Reference Points

3.1.1. A reference point is a place or object used for comparison to determine if something is in motion. If you and your reference point are moving at the same speed then you aren't really in motion with comparison to it. But if you have the sun as your reference point then you are always in motion.

3.2. Relative Motion

3.2.1. Relative motion is motion that depends on what you use as a reference point. If you use a chair as a reference point then you aren't moving. But if you use then sun then you are moving very rapidly.

3.3. Definition

3.3.1. Motion is the action of moving or being moved.

4. Measuring

4.1. International System of Units

4.1.1. This is the system used to describe motion of an object when you measure in length. The unit of length used is meters(m), its a little but longer then a yard. A centimeter is 1/100 of a meter, a millimeter is 1/1000 of a meter and a kilometer is 1000 meters.