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Motion von Mind Map: Motion

1. Section 1

1.1. Describing Motion

1.1.1. Reference Points An object is in motion if it changes position relative to a reference point.

1.1.2. Relative Motion "The calculation motion of an object with regard to some other moving object."

1.1.3. Measuring Distance International System of Units M CM MM KM

1.2. Speed

1.2.1. Speed Equation Speed = Distance / Time

1.2.2. Average Speed Divide the total distance by the total time

1.2.3. Instantaneous Speed Rate at which an object is moving at a given time.

1.3. Graphing Motion

1.3.1. Calculating Slope Slope = Rise / Run

1.3.2. Different Slopes Some Objects don't move at a constant speed

1.4. Velocity

1.4.1. Speed in a given direction

1.4.2. When you know both the speed and direction of an object's motion, you know the velocity of the object

2. Section 3

2.1. What is Acceleration

2.1.1. The rate at which velocity changes

2.1.2. Speed ncreaces ->object accelerates

2.1.3. Decreasing Speed Whenever an object's speed increases, the object accelerate

2.1.4. Changing Direction When an object decreases in speed = Deceleration

2.2. Calculating Acceleration

2.2.1. Acceleration Equation Acceleration = Final speed - Initial Speed / Time

2.3. Graphing Acceleration

2.3.1. Speed VS. Time Graph

2.3.2. Distance VS. Time Graph