Schoology-Jessica Clay

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Schoology-Jessica Clay von Mind Map: Schoology-Jessica Clay

1. All-in-one Learning Management system meant to manage everything in one place. Integrates all of your technology including Google apps and textbook publisher content .

1.1. I love the idea of having everything in one place. This would make any teacher's life easier! C. Hornyak

1.2. Are multiple teachers able to access the same students RTI and gradebook? Most students have more than one teacher and having a variety of teachers being able to access the same files would make things much easier for teachers!!! -S. Goodyear

1.2.1. Yes they are!J.Clay

2. Free version for educators

3. Versions for K-12 and Higher Education

4. Has it's own social network where you can network with educators in your school, district, or anywhere the system is used.

4.1. This sounds like it would be a great tool for getting a grade group organized and on the same page. (N. Mlynski)

4.2. This seems great. It seems like a good way for students and others to safely be in a social network without worrying about things that may go along with regular social networking sites. Thanks! - L. Rose

5. Has a secure site for students to collaborate, where they can be monitored.

5.1. What is an example of how they could collaborate to enhance the learning process using this tool? -Dr. Fritz

5.1.1. The teacher can create a page for each group. It looks as if it is modeled after facebook, where students can post and respond to each other. The teacher can re-post the assignment and rubrics for the project. If it is a research project students could brainstorm ideas and post resources. They could also post drafts. If they are creating rather than researching they could post media on the page and be able to easily edit and exchange files. Students could work on the project in school and at home while the teacher can moderate and provide guidance if needed. I like that this can be used at home or in school! students have a lot more flexibility with this option. -S. Goodyear

5.2. Security in online collaborative tools seems so imperative nowadays. Having these secured collaboration sites do seem instrumental in making sure that students are on task with their learning, as well as not engaging in any behavior that would be deemed just as inappropriate in the classroom.

6. mobile apps on all platforms

6.1. teacher can access student work and communicate at any time

6.2. students can complete work and receive assistance at any time.

6.2.1. Schoology sound like a great tool for the classroom….With all the school delays and cancellations students and teachers are able to continue conversations and/or complete work even when not in the building--T. Ghaznavi Such a relevant point in light of recent snow days! (N. Mlynski)

6.3. I like the idea of students getting assistance at any time. I have never heard of Schoology before. I also like the fact that they can collaborate with each other, maybe on a project, or to study together. M. Onorato

6.4. I love the fact that students can accese mobile apps, so many students have tablets, but not computers. This would be great for students that do have access to the internet, or parents who are unsure of assignment directions. -C Miller

7. keeps track of grades and RTI

7.1. This is great for reading specialists who have so many students and need to keep grades and testing data organized. (L. Minton)

7.2. As someone who is getting a certification in Special Education I think that the ability to track RTI is so important to the profession. The amount of paperwork involved can be overwhelming sometimes, so this use of Schoology is great. R. Sutton

7.2.1. I am also going to get certified in Special Education. I love that through Schoology all of the teachers involved with the student can put data in one place without too much extra effort. I can't imagine how much easier it will be to get the big picture of a student's progress this way. J.Clay

8. Content creation tools-lessons, assessments, standard alignment etc.

8.1. you also have the ability to share this with others in your district or network

8.1.1. The ability to share is one of the first things I consider when thinking about joining a new social media site/resource. It makes any tool so much more valuable in my opinion. (N. Mlynski)