1930s Art

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1930s Art von Mind Map: 1930s Art

1. Industry

1.1. Many cities were sought out just to become centers for resouce gathering

1.2. As trains went through cities they filled the sky with black smoke

1.3. Railroads were laid down through many cities

1.4. The golden Gate bridge began to be constructed.

1.5. Many factories were built on rivers and lakes to better transport goods.

2. Depression

2.1. Losing Jobs

2.1.1. Depression layer off a lot of workers.

2.1.2. Hurting Economy Loosing money in economy More layoffs

3. The Country

3.1. Many families lived and worked on their own farms.

3.2. Cows and Bulls were very common on these farms.

3.3. The American landscape was very beautiful, filled with many rolling hills.

3.4. Factories and industrialization was a very common sight on the eastern side.

3.5. There were so many people living on their own, far from ;aw and structure. Resulting in many unknown crimes and deaths.

4. New Deal

4.1. Construction of the Dam (mural study, the Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C.) 1938

4.2. The Social Security Act of 1935 provided a system whereby workers could collect moneys in their retirement based on funds paid into the system during their period of employment.

4.3. A group of government programs and policies established under President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1

4.3.1. Government programs

4.3.2. the New Deal was designed to improve conditions for persons suffering in the Great Depression.

5. The City

5.1. Berenice Abbott, born Springfield, OH 1898-died Monson, ME 1991 Brooklyn Bridge, Water and Dock Streets, Brooklyn, from the series Changing New YorkAdministration

5.2. ay Strong, born Corvallis, OR 1905-died Three Rivers, CA 2006 San Francisco from Russian Hill

5.3. John Cunning, born Albany, NY 1889-died New York City 1953 Manhattan Skyline

5.4. Charles L. Goeller, born Irvington, NJ 1901-died Maplewood, NJ 1955 Third Avenue

5.5. Berenice Abbott, born Springfield, OH 1898-died Monson, ME 1991 Brooklyn Bridge, Water and Dock Streets, Brooklyn, from the series Changing New

6. American People

6.1. Kenneth M. Adams, born Topeka, KS 1897-died

6.2. William H. Johnson, born Florence, SC 1901-died Central

6.3. Doris Ulmann, born New York City 1882-died New York City 1934

6.4. Marion Post Wolcott, born Santa Barbara, CA 1910-died Montclair, NJ 1990

6.5. E. Martin Hennings, born Penns Grove, NJ 1886-died Taos, NM 1956 Homeward Bound

7. Work

7.1. All workers were an important part to society in the 1930's. People who worked in construction or in mines...or even in little store front shops in small towns, held out hope for better times to come.

7.1.1. Miners would mine for gold

7.1.2. Paper workers

7.1.3. Mine rescue

7.1.4. Snow shovelers

7.1.5. Steel workers

8. Leisure

8.1. No matter what the economic climate was, America knew how to have fun... And the 1930's was no exception.

8.1.1. Music about the depression was played to ease the struggle.

8.1.2. People played football to take their minds off of the depression for a little while.

8.1.3. Baseball at night

8.1.4. Skating in Central Park

8.1.5. Soap Box racing

9. Essential Question: : How did the cultural changes and tensions in the 30s impact American society through different mediums of art?