RAIN Change Management

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RAIN Change Management von Mind Map: RAIN Change Management

1. Education & Training

1.1. Training needs

1.2. Identify training options

1.3. Support information

1.3.1. New / changed business processes

1.3.2. Training material

2. Artefacts

2.1. Key Messages

2.2. Communications Plan

2.3. Stakeholder Analysis

2.4. Change Management Strategy

3. Engagement & Communications

3.1. Awareness

3.1.1. Information Website Newsletters Email Charts & Posters Presentations Briefings by team leaders All staff forum

3.2. Acceptance

3.2.1. Consultation Focus groups Targeted Stakeholder Interviews Meetings User Testing Forums / groups Workshops

3.3. Adoption

3.3.1. Collaboration Partnering in the development / implementation Process workshops Interviews Evaluations Champions

3.4. What are we going to do?

3.4.1. Adoption of release 2 Darren presenting in all staff meeting - Wed 3/12 What's in it What's the benefit Why have we done it? What's coming next How we can help "Raindrop"-in Centre Help Ideas / Suggestions Dashboard Intranet Article

3.4.2. Defining release 3

3.4.3. User Group

3.4.4. Peer Support 10 Champions from across business How do we select? Do we offer training?

4. Stakeholders

4.1. Map relationships

4.2. Consult

4.3. Develop Management Plans

4.3.1. Stakeholder Groups Stakeholder Influence Interest Resistance Engagement Approach

4.3.2. Individuals

4.4. Broker relationships

4.5. Manage resistance

5. Leadership

5.1. Identify leaders

5.2. Leadership Brief

5.2.1. Articulate Roles & Responsibilities to the leaders

5.2.2. Key Messages Committed to continual improvement In response to what the organisation has been saying Want people to help us improve Feedback from organisation Opportunities for staff to get involved A lot of hard work has been done by the organisation to get us here Knowledge obtained Lessons Learned QA Docs, important to get this right Pre-req for future stages New release of QA Docs! What's in it How to use it What's the benefit Why have we done it? What we are still working on (what doesn't work)

5.3. Relationship Brokering

5.3.1. Identify critical staff in leader's teams

5.4. Communicate

5.4.1. Prepare comms to be disseminated by leaders

6. Analysis

6.1. Understand existing state

6.1.1. Issues - current environment

6.1.2. Readiness for change

6.1.3. Culture

6.1.4. How change has been executed in the past

6.1.5. Influencers

6.1.6. Key people to meet / interview

6.1.7. Communication channels

6.1.8. Key advisory groups

6.2. Identify stakeholder groups

6.2.1. Key business units