Bree Engebritson's Mind Map

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Bree Engebritson's Mind Map von Mind Map: Bree Engebritson's Mind Map

1. Communication

1.1. Twitter: Twitter is a great resource for administrators and teachers to communicate with other professionals and share ideas. We have seen that this week through creating our PLN's.

1.2. Share and Discuss: Share and Discuss is a really great tool to share ideas, articles, etc. with coworkers. One thing that I was thinking about that would be really cool for teacher use, is having students use this tool over snow days. We focus so much on glass discussion in class, you can continue that discussion over whatever you're looking at in your classroom.

1.3. Facebook: Facebook is a great social network that most students and adults already use in their everyday life. You can extend the use of FB and incorporate it into your classroom or professional work. You can use facebook groups as a message boards for students and adults to collaborate on ideas.

1.4. Colaab: Is a tool that is very similar to Skype because it allows people to collaborate in real time over assignment, projects, and ideas. You could conference with students over projects, or have meetings in real time with your administration and central office.

2. Collaboration

2.1. Tracky: Tracky is a great collaboration tool for teachers, administrators, and students. Tracky can be a resource that allows students to work on a project together from home, teachers to do PLT brainstorming via internet, and administrators can work on ideas surrounding school wide issues.

2.1.1. Session Rule 1

2.1.2. Session Rule 2

2.1.3. Session Rule 2

2.2. Fliplab: This is a really cool tool that allows people to work together and collaborate on movies. I think of the endless possibilities for students and teachers regarding classroom presentations. I also think that would be an excellent tool for administrators to use in preparation for faculty meetings.

2.3. Crocodoc: This, to me, is a great tool for Language Arts teachers. The ability to share documetns and mark them up online is a great resource for editing, and peer editing for students. I also think this is a great way for administrators to make suggestions on school wide documents that will be going out.

2.4. Bounce: Bounce is a tool that allows you to brainstorm online. Once again, this is a really wonderful tool for students to collaborate on ideas regarding project based learning. I think this is great tool for administrators and teachers to use during summer PLT work for the following school year.

3. Creation

3.1. Prezi: Prezi is a great tool that is an alternative to the standard PowerPoint that we see all too often. I have seen administrators use Prezi to model steps in a process, new ideas for next year, or a timeline of events. As a teacher, my students used Prezi show their findings on their heritage.

3.2. YouTube: YouTube is a great way for students to show creative videos to the class or addi them to a school website. Youtube allows students to upload a video they made to the internet and share it with more than their class. Faculty and administration have used YouTube as tutorials for students on how to do something.

3.3. Glogster: Glogster is an online interactive way to share and make posters to explain topics, skills, content, etc.. This would be a really cool tool for students to use and incorporate into project based learning. I also envision administrators and teachers using it in PLT work or faculty meetings to explain new ideas or policies.

3.4. WikiPaige: WikiPage is a great tool for students to explain and present projects and presentations to the class. I really would like to have students use this as a tool for honors projects next year. I think that a WikiPage could be a great tool to outline school information for new teachers. Also, it would be a great way to keep everyone updated on upcoming events throughout the school year.