Lesson Planning

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Lesson Planning von Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Presentation

1.1. Extreme Weather

1.1.1. Prerequisites Grade 4 Subject Area Science

1.1.2. Objectives Main Cognitive Objective Main Affective Objective

1.1.3. Resources Materials Microsoft Power Point My Brainshark

1.1.4. Notes Lesson or series title Extreme Weather Goals of each lesson Objectives Reasoning Method of instuction Method of evaluation

2. ICT Lesson

2.1. Podcast

2.1.1. Prerequisites Grade One Subject Area Native Studies/Culture

2.1.2. Objectives Main Cognitive Objective P-1.1 Main Affective Objective E-1.1

2.1.3. Resources Materials MP3 Player

2.1.4. Notes Lesson or Series Title Counting in Ojibway Goals of Each Lesson To learn basic Ojibway terms Students should be able to count from 1-10 in Ojibway Language Students should be able to easily recall information Objectives Manitoba Curriculum Method of Instruction Method of Evaluation

3. Video

3.1. Youtube about shapes

3.1.1. Prerequisites Kindergarten Subject Area Math

3.1.2. Objectives Main Cognitive Objective P-1.2 Main Affective Objective S-1.1

3.1.3. Resources Materials Youtube

3.1.4. Notes Lesson or series title Identifying Shapes Lesson Goals of each lesson Demonstrates ability to identify different shapes Exhibits curiosity and positive attitude towards mathematics Objective Manitoba Curriculum Reasoning To think logically and to make sense of mathematics Method of Instruction Method of Evaluation

4. Google Maps

4.1. Geography Lesson

4.1.1. Prerequisites

4.1.2. Objectives

4.1.3. Resources

4.1.4. Notes