Input and Output Devices

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Input and Output Devices von Mind Map: Input and Output Devices

1. Data projection units

1.1. Application- Teachers are able to easily display PowerPoint presentations, websites, and other documents.

1.2. Benefit- Teaching material on a computer is easily displayed on a large making it easier to enhance lessons with supportive images and text.

1.3. Challenge- It is imperative to make sure that students are able to see the material on the projection screen. The text needs to be large enough and the screen free of unnecessary images and text.

2. Keyboard

2.1. Application- Being proficient in keyboarding is essential for every student. By the fifth grade students are required to type out writing assignments

2.2. Benefits- Students are prepared for real world application.

2.3. Challenge- Finding the time to incorporate keyboarding sessions for every student is very difficult for classrooms that have limited resources and time.

3. OUTPUT DEVICES- pieces of hardware that move information (data to be processed) out of the computer.

4. INPUT DEVICES- any computer peripheral used to input data in to the computer.

5. Scanners

5.1. Application- Teachers are able to scan any image to later use for a transparency, printed material, emails, etc. Students are able to create projects by scanning images and print and turning them into documents.

5.2. Benefits- Scanners are very convenient tools for teachers to incorporate into teaching. Having hands on knowledge of using a scanner will prepare students for college and work.

5.3. Challenge- The problem with the application of most technology devices in the classroom is cost. Who is going to pay to have these devices in the classroom. Other than cost, I see no challenge.

6. Headphones

6.1. Application- Teachers can have a couple of students at a time use the computer using headphones to use supportive software and practice keyboarding.

6.2. Benefit- Students are able to work on the computer without disturbing the other students.

6.3. Challenge- For younger students it important to make sure there is volume control to protect their eardrums