Nicole Ray's PLN with Web 2.0

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Nicole Ray's PLN with Web 2.0 von Mind Map: Nicole Ray's  PLN with Web 2.0

1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Tools

1.1. MIND MEISTER A digital tool that allows you to map ideas, brainstorm for a paper, etc.

1.1.1. Goal 1

1.1.2. Goal 2

1.2. CAPZULES A digital tool that allows students to create a timeline and understand chronological order.

1.2.1. Session Rule 1

1.2.2. Session Rule 2

1.2.3. Session Rule 2

1.3. PEARL TREES A digital tool that allows you to map ideas, brainstorm for a paper, etc. You can also collect and organize everything you like.

1.4. POLL ANYWHERE Allows teachers and students to utilize mobile technology to ask students important critical thinking questions.

2. Creativity and Innovation Tools

2.1. TUBECHOP This program allows you to edit any YouTube video and customize it for your lesson, class discussion, presentation, etc.

2.2. Quizlet Allows users to create and share online flashcards. Students can benefit from a teacher created set of flashcards.

2.3. BIT-STRIPS This programs allows students to create a comic book scene. I have used this to teach setting in fictional stories, and I have had students draw a picture to match a vocabulary term.

2.4. COMMONCRAFT Is a tool that allows educators to create 3 minute video that introduce simple topics. An administrator might create one of these videos to present to the board of education or parents at the beginning of the year.

3. Self-Directed Tools

3.1. CK12 A non-profit organization that publishes Flex-books, free online textbooks. Included in resources is a free SAT Preparation Workshop. This could be utilized by teachers who need additional resources, but struggle with limited funds.

3.2. KHAN ACADEMY A source that provides math and science instruction in a different manner. Teachers could use this as a resource for struggling students who need individual tutoring.

3.3. ITUNES U Provides lectures from top universities and exhibit tours. Teachers could use this resource as a substitute for a costly field trip.

3.4. TEACHER AGENCY A five step professional development tool for teachers that allows them to be self-directed. Administrators could use an in-service day to guide teachers to the most beneficial form of professional development.

4. Collaboration Tools

4.1. PREZI Allows a user to create online presentations that can be shared and edited with multiple users. Administrators can share presentations with teachers or school board members.

4.2. GOOGLE DOCS Allows users to be able to create, share, edit, and save documents among multiple users. Students can eliminate paper by submitting their on-line Google Documents.

4.3. PINTEREST Allows users to pin and share ideas that work for education, crafts, decoration, etc. Teachers can search for classroom tips from other experts.

4.4. FLIXLAB Allows students, teachers, or administrators to take pictures from a smartphone and turns them into videos. This would be great for the school website to have a video of student tasks, activities, etc.

5. Communication Tools

5.1. GOOGLE DOCS Teachers can use this technology to share assignments with students or provide feedback through chatting/comments.

5.2. TWITTER This social networking site can be used by teachers and administrators who want to have a Professional Learning Network.

5.3. GMAIL This form of email can be used to send group messages to parents, students, or other teachers. There is a live chat available that could privately let administrators know that a student is on their way to the office for discipline.

5.4. WORDPRESS Is an excellent resource for English classes that want to blog about what they see, read, research, etc. I can be public or private, so each blog can be class specific. It is great for the learner who doesn't like to speak in class, but can provide meaningful participation.