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WIT website von Mind Map: WIT website

1. Audiences

1.1. I am a student

1.2. I am a parent

1.3. I am an employer

1.4. I work in the IT industry

1.4.1. IT profile Women in IT

1.4.2. IT successes

1.5. I want to help the next generation

1.5.1. Brick donation

1.5.2. Invest in WIT

1.5.3. Crowdfunding campaign Right words to use

1.6. Other

2. Third party integration

3. Desired functionality

3.1. Picture with roll over text

3.1.1. Another example

3.1.2. Full page example

3.1.3. Simple example

3.1.4. Another example

3.2. "I'm in tech"

3.3. Expandable text areas

3.4. "Can I help you?" popup on website

3.4.1. ClickDesk

3.5. OpenShift Tomcat support

3.6. Timeline

3.6.1. Xero timeline example

3.7. Social sharing

3.7.1. Share on Facebook

3.7.2. Pinterest?

3.7.3. Share or tweet comments Share bar example

3.8. Donations

3.8.1. AmazonSmile

3.8.2. PayPal donations

3.9. Video

3.9.1. simple chalkboard video

4. Design ideas

4.1. Overall layout ideas

4.1.1. Desk.com

4.1.2. Blacktie.co themes Bootstrap 3 getting started

4.1.3. Vertex theme

4.1.4. KashFLow

4.1.5. Travis

4.1.6. Deseret Industries

4.1.7. work.com

4.1.8. Responsive layout

4.1.9. Midphase

4.2. Nav bar

4.2.1. dssg.io

4.3. Footer colors

4.3.1. BioInnovations gateway

5. Resources

5.1. Good phrases

5.1.1. code.org

5.1.2. refocus on skills and application

5.1.3. change the world

5.1.4. self-create

5.1.5. behavioral problems

5.1.6. focus, avoid tech distractions

5.1.7. great grades count for nothing

5.1.8. programming is most useful skill

5.1.9. From 7 habits

5.1.10. Rigor = skill + fluency + application

5.1.11. celebrate discoveries and brainpower

5.2. STEM themed videos

5.3. Utah economy

5.3.1. SLC and Provo in top tier

5.4. Elements of a successful high school

5.4.1. competency-based grading

5.4.2. 5 key elements Leadership Planning & Preparation Instruction Assessment Targeted Interventions for At-risk and Gifted Learners Lehi kid creates new math formula theatre boosts scores

5.4.3. Better teaching Improving science & math teaching Why students do better overseas

5.4.4. values NYtimes article grit kindness self-regulation gratitude social intelligence humor zest appreciation of beauty wisdom integrity love citizenship fairness bravery optimism curiosity

5.4.5. Finnish ideas

5.5. Graphics

5.5.1. white grids

5.5.2. circuit board graphic

5.5.3. Free stock images

5.6. Music

5.6.1. Trail Life USA

6. Content resources

6.1. The state of tech

6.1.1. The present of tech Educational toys (Ubooly) Cooking (dvo.com) Size of fish

6.1.2. The past of tech Kids react to walkman

6.1.3. The future of tech The future made from glass The house of the future rolltop laptop Nokia flexible phone Holodesk 3M Productivity future IBM sees 5 tech-enabled changes in the future TED: Predicting the future CNN top 10 things to watch Internet of Things Home appliances Growth of Internet of Things Virtual taste Microsoft: empowering super bowl commercial man and machine Watson and personal assistants Robots replacing people new automation Self-aware cars

6.1.4. CS at WIT Not applications Programming video Networking

6.1.5. Jobs Jobs grew 13%, graduates dropped 11% constant talent defecit US losing talent race Shortage of skilled workers Top 10 IT jobs Booming career path SLC is #6 best city in US for tech job creation BusinessNews Daily Role of MOOC What's a college degree worth CS is highest paying degree Federal government future IT shortage Young workers: destined for failure

6.2. Curriculum

6.2.1. Is CS for me? Faces of computing Kimber Lockhart @ Box Teaching someone to code Greenfoot tutorial/journal STEM Promoting more scientists Everything is a branch of computer science CS is as important as natural sciences European-style apprenticeships No alternative to on-the-job training German apprenticeship success How apprenticeships can empower fathers and strengthen marriages Is CS for everyone? she++ the documentary she++ video library Girls think of "stereotypical CS nerd" How we teach CS differently What has worked for Harvey Mudd College Why non-tech people should apply for tech jobs

6.2.2. Better education Nation at risk Schools of the future [video] Schooling Ain't Learning CS Education week [Dec 9-15] Kids can code Las Vegas kid How I learned to code Other CS schools Mirta Ramirez Computer Science Schoo Academy of Software Engineering [Sep 2012] Bronx Academy for Software Engineering [Sep 2013] Education of the future Competency-based education Useful skills The real cost of high school sports Hands-on science education with Pasco Education rankings by country Percentage of native-born undergraduates taking STEM Problem with boys School has become hostile to boys Helping boys succeed in school War on boys Male body image issues Girls Why engineering is a great career for girls Where are the girls in CS? We need more girls in tech Getting girls into CS what adolescents need "Brainstorm" [book]

6.2.3. Next Generation Education

6.3. Employment

6.3.1. Great teachers Wright's law [video] New YorkTimes story

6.4. Fundraising/Investing

6.4.1. Target

6.4.2. Paypal

6.4.3. Warren Buffet quote

6.4.4. Venmo?

7. Site map

7.1. Home page

7.2. Future students

7.2.1. Why students enroll

7.2.2. How tech has changed - you can be part of it

7.2.3. Enrollment form

7.2.4. State of CS industry

7.2.5. Next Generation Education

7.2.6. FAQ

7.2.7. Timeline / calendar

7.3. Current students

7.3.1. State of CS industry

7.3.2. Upcoming events

7.3.3. Timeline / calendar

7.3.4. T-shirt contest

7.3.5. What WIT students are up to

7.4. Parents

7.4.1. State of CS industry

7.4.2. CS education

7.4.3. Characteristics of WIT student

7.4.4. Futures for WIT student (job outlook)

7.4.5. Getting to WIT (location & transportation)

7.4.6. Investing in WIT

7.4.7. Why parents enroll

7.4.8. College readiness Career ready College ready College debt project on student debt

7.4.9. High school diploma + more

7.4.10. Timeline / calendar

7.4.11. Enrollment form

7.4.12. Next Generation Education

7.4.13. FAQ

7.5. Working at WIT

7.5.1. Why work at WIT?

7.5.2. Licensure

7.5.3. Positions

7.5.4. Application process

7.6. About WIT

7.6.1. Who we are Charter Background and history

7.6.2. Location Getting to WIT TRAX/FrontRunner information

7.6.3. Facility Floor plan Furniture in rooms HON Flock animation Bretford iLab video

7.6.4. Board of Directors Policies Meetings Minutes

7.7. News

7.7.1. News

7.7.2. Events calendar?

7.7.3. Blog posts RSS feed?

7.7.4. Facebook feed?

7.8. Shared pages

7.8.1. Next Generation Education SCOPs Daily reading Daily exercise Problems caused by lack of sleep and too much tech Surprising behaviors that put your teen at risk Less sleep, more time online puts teens at risk for depression Learning sessions Study hall, use of teams lunch mentoring portfolio, projects DesNews article on real projects in the classroom hands-on projects, real world skills sprints / Agile "key is self-assembly..." Sample sprints NGE reaches out and grabs you

7.8.2. Enrollment form

7.8.3. State of CS industry

7.8.4. FAQ Seminary Lunch Transcripts Driver's ed Satisfying college foreign language requirement Industry certifications Why no college credit in high school Concurrent enrollment Advanced Placement Sports teams Daily exercise SCOPs Participate in home high school

7.8.5. Timeline / calendar

7.8.6. Timeline / calendar

7.8.7. Upcoming events

7.8.8. Job outlook