Gender and the Digital Divide

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Gender and the Digital Divide von Mind Map: Gender and the Digital Divide

1. most tech jobs are held by men so demand hasn't changed

2. Why are women under-represented in science and technology?

2.1. cultural attitudes and perceptions

2.1.1. girls aren't good at math and science

2.1.2. girls are too emotional to do science

2.1.3. it's not necessary to be good at them

2.2. "The Athena Factor": isolation in the field

2.2.1. lack of role models or mentors

2.2.2. unsatisfied with jobs

2.3. family vs. career conflicts

2.3.1. most jobs are held by men who are willing to put in long hours

2.3.2. tech jobs are much more demanding than other careers

2.3.3. require more extended education/no time for marriage, children, and career

2.4. especially in computer science

2.4.1. misperceptions about quantity or types of jobs available

2.4.2. other sciences are more visible/attactive

2.4.3. assume jobs have gone overseas

2.4.4. too "nerdy"

3. Why do we need to have more women in STEM?

3.1. “One half of the global population isn’t participating in solving the world’s problems” - Antonette Logar, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology professor

3.1.1. women will create exciting new innovations that men might not have thought of, improving industries and people's lives

3.1.2. women will increase social responsibility factors in STEM

3.2. vicious cycle of lack of community/support in STEM

3.3. because they are a minority, women in STEM are paid less

3.4. to increase job satisfaction of women currently in STEM (according to "Women Fleeing Tech Field")

3.5. many women with talent and passion for STEM may not pursue due to lack of exposure

3.6. women in STEM will focus on creating technology that improves STEM education for girls, ending vicious cycle

4. What can be done?

4.1. parents

4.1.1. purchase science and technology toys for daughters

4.1.2. take girls to science museums

4.1.3. explore science together in a fun way

4.1.4. kindle their own interests in science instead of talking about how they were "never any good" at it

4.1.5. send daughters to science camps

4.2. schools and teachers

4.2.1. hire female science, math and technology teachers

4.2.2. encourage girls to pursue science

4.2.3. evaluate effectiveness of teachers

4.2.4. create girl-centric curriculum all-girl classes — create a safe environment make science and technology relevant to girls' interests encourage girls to think outside the box teach science with hands-on activities and resources

4.3. culture and attitudes

4.3.1. create girl-centered science clubs

4.3.2. prioritize girls brains over their looks from a young age

4.3.3. TV and entertainment that promotes female scientists

4.4. workplaces

4.4.1. train supervisors in diversity

4.4.2. train coworkers to treat women respectfully on the job

4.4.3. flextime or telecommuting programs for balancing career with family

4.4.4. equal pay

5. inequalities between women and men in society at large are markedly amplified when it comes to the sciences, and in computers and digital technology in particular...

5.1. workplace

5.2. education

5.2.1. e

5.3. perceived gender differences