One Flesh

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One Flesh von Mind Map: One Flesh

1. Lack of intimacy

1.1. 'Lying apart now, each in a separate bed'

1.1.1. The use of the diction 'now' highlights that in the past, they did not lie apart hence putting forth the idea of the lack of intimacy that they are no longer sleeping in one bed like a married couple would do. It also brings forth of the idea of the physical distance between them, being on 'separate bed(s)' showing how their relationship is strained to an extent that sleeping together is no longer an option.

1.2. 'They hardly ever touch'

1.2.1. The diction of 'hardly' means that physical intimacy is no longer present and even a 'touch' barely even happens. This puts forth the idea of the lack of physical intimacy between the couple and the fact that they longer have a connection between them. The absolute of 'ever' also shows that the contact between the couple has not been present for a long time and that intimate moments are no longer present in their relationship.

2. Lack of passion

2.1. 'These two who are my father and my mother/ Whose fire from which I came, has now grown cold?'

2.1.1. The use of 'fire' depicts the passion and love between the couple in the past, so strong that they could engage in sexual intimacy to give birth to the persona. The contrast of 'fire' and 'cold' puts forth the idea of how the passion is no longer present and that their relationship now is no longer loving and filled with passion, similar to the past.

2.2. 'Tossed up like flotsam from a former passion'

2.2.1. The use of 'former' further highlights the idea of their past relationship as compared to the present where the couple is no longer as close as they used to be. The use of 'flotsam' signals that the relationship is now at a very disorganized state and that there are many unsolved problems in their relationship. It also means that their relationship is just left there, hanging without any closure. This highlights the lack of passion because the couple is no longer passionate about their relationship so much so that they have just left their relationship there without working out their problems.

3. Strained relationship

3.1. 'Silence between them like a thread to hold And not wind in'

3.1.1. The use of the diction 'thread' highlights the fragility of their relationship, similar to how weak and delicate a thread is. This shows how the 'silence' between the couple is strained, as if they do have a lot of things to say to each other but would result in a conflict if they really do. The use of 'not wind it' also puts forth the idea there is a lack of communication between the two and that this can actually be solved.

4. Past VS Present: The lack of time

4.1. 'Do they know they're old'

4.1.1. The use of 'old' here puts forth the idea of the lack of time the couple has to salvage their relationship. It also reflects the length of their relationship and the fact that it has reached its state now.