WordPress for Bloggers

Content Mapping for the Title WordPress for Bloggers

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WordPress for Bloggers von Mind Map: WordPress for Bloggers

1. What is WordPress?

1.1. Content Management System

1.2. WordPress.com and WordPress.org

2. Why Blogging on WordPress.org is crucial?

2.1. Professionalism

2.2. Support and Community

2.3. Control

2.4. Your Central Hub and Asset

3. Domain and Hosting

3.1. Why the right domain name is important?

3.1.1. Name on your personal brand or a random generic name

3.2. How to choose a right domain name and hosting?

4. Top secrets to write better content

4.1. Importance of Reading Books/Blogs

4.2. Write a Head Turning Headline

4.3. Creating a Hook

4.4. Doing research

4.5. Take notes and use tools

4.6. Focusing on a single purpose

4.7. Have a call to action

5. Ways to monitize your blog and earn passive income

5.1. Affiliate Marketing

5.2. Google Adsense

5.3. E-mail Marketing

5.4. Sell Digital Products and Courses

5.5. Be a mentor and start coaching people