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1. Share

1.1. We shared our work with our classmates, with the presentation in classroom and with our Blog, where we put an explication on video by Knovio. Our classmates had to write the worse and the best of our presentation.

1.1.1. knovio

1.1.2. blog

1.2. Linda shares our presentations by Vimeo and later put it on Twitter.

1.2.1. VIMEO

2. Recover Information

2.1. To do this activity, first my group Chameleon Ladies and me have to choose one point of the list which Linda put on the board. We chose ‘Creamos un parlamento’.

2.2. Then we looked for information on Sakai, Linda put a good web page where there are the objectives of this project and some videos. The videos were examples, where children explain what the Parliament is and what people do there, how to make an election campaign. (

2.2.1. instructions

2.2.2. videos

2.3. We searched basic information taking in to account the level of knowledge of children on 5º primary school. And we contacted with teachers to help us with the topic and tell us yours experiences via twitter.

2.3.1. twitter

2.4. Then we sought in other websites: You tube, to see more examples, google images to download some pictures to our presentation on Power Point.

2.4.1. youtube

2.4.2. google images

2.5. We were all day to choose the principal points of information to put on the slide which change each 20 second!

3. Doing Reflection

3.1. In our Blog Chameleon ladies we put our reflection about PECHAKUCHA and how did we worked the topic.

3.1.1. Blog

3.2. When we were together at university to do the slides and selecting the most important information, we discus a lot, to choose the information which Noelia and María must say (they were the stars)