PLE in Pechakucha

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PLE in Pechakucha von Mind Map: PLE in Pechakucha

1. Reading

1.1. In class

1.1.1. Listening to Linda's explanation about curriculum implementation Slides Our notes

1.1.2. Re-reading about TPACK theory Documents Our notes

1.2. At home

1.2.1. Reading about the project "Viajamos Virtualmente" In the blog of the class

2. Reflecting & Doing

2.1. In the faculty

2.1.1. Thinking about how to do the slides

2.1.2. Organizing the relevant information

2.1.3. Choosing 20 Sentences 20 Images

2.1.4. Contacting the teacher (Julita Fdez)

3. Sharing

3.1. In class

3.1.1. Exposition of the slides Berta Natalia

3.1.2. Live streaming

3.2. At home

3.2.1. YouTube

3.2.2. Blogger Journalist (Esther) Analyst (Antonio Luís) Stars (Berta & Natalia)

3.2.3. Knovio

3.3. Julita Fdez

3.3.1. She put our work in her blog