Web Tools 2.0

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Web Tools 2.0 von Mind Map: Web Tools 2.0

1. Tools for Collaboration and building a PLN

1.1. Twitter is a social networking site where people can find people that share interests and investments online. Classes could use twitter to connect with each other or other classes and find information and resources together. Twitter also utilizes hashtags to find information.

1.2. Linkedin is a social media platform that is designed for professionals. It can work as an online resume and also a place to find useful tools and information.

1.3. Facebook is a social media platform that is common for personal use. Facebook does not have as strong of privacy settings as Linkedin. Facebook is most useful because you can join groups for teaching, science, educational reform and meet

2. Tools for reading and writing

2.1. Blogger is a google blogging tool. This tool would be ideal for organizations that provide students with a google account. Students could share and link their blogs while staying in the school network.

2.2. Google Read and Write is a Chrome extension that allows students to access a lot of tools that would help them with reading and writing. It is easy to use if your students use google or google classroom.

2.3. PBWorks is a site that you can use to have students create wikipages. This can be useful in that students can create original content and work on writing skills. They can also share their knowledge with any audience.

3. Tools for Audio and Video

3.1. Vimeo is tool that students and teachers can use to create videos, collaborate on projects, and share that information with parents, administrators, or any desired audience.

3.2. Flipgrid is an AMAZING web resource. This website allows students to create short videos that can be shared with the teacher, whole class, or any audience. Students can collaborate to have more authentic learning experiences.

3.3. Audacity is a free site that students can use to make podcasts. This site allows students to create and share original content.

4. Tools for visualizing and organizing

4.1. Tweetdeck is a website that will help you organize your twitter into categories. Students and teachers a like could use twitter to separate personal/professional content, keep classes separate, or organize by hashtag and people.

4.2. Dropbox is a cloud storage platform. I use google and apple cloud so I never thought this was needed. However after watching web 2.0 I want to get it and it use it to easily store and organize information outside of google or my phone.

4.3. Evernote is a website that helps with note-taking, organizing, and keeping important information you find. You could even take a picture with your phone and store it on evernote. This would help with PD and help students find important information.