Brainstorm Pós MBA Criação de startups

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Brainstorm Pós MBA Criação de startups von Mind Map: Brainstorm Pós MBA Criação de startups

1. Estrutura

1.1. Macromódulos

1.1.1. Módulo # horas Autor

2. Referências

2.1. Books

2.1.1. Value proposition Canvas

2.1.2. Business Model Generation

2.1.3. Talking to Humans

2.2. Articles

2.2.1. Lean Startup - HBR

3. Conteúdo

3.1. Teaching / learning entrepreneurship

3.1.1. Mindset on learning (versus being taught)

3.1.2. Frameworks and best practices: but you gotta get your hands dirty

3.1.3. What you put is what you get

3.1.4. An overview of where all this pedagogy came from...

3.1.5. Business lessons were synonymous with biz plans: why it sucks

3.1.6. Hypothesis + cust dev + agile = Lean Startup

3.1.7. In USA: flipped classroom: here still self-paced

3.1.8. Para quais tipos de idéias & projeto o lean é mais adequado ? Para quais não serve ... Não se aplica para projetos com alto nível de pesquisa / incerteza

3.2. Inception

3.2.1. Understanding the Entrepreneurship path So you want to be Why ? Career paths Wrong myths: money, fame, no-boss mentality Common wrong reasons: layoffs, work unsatisfaction, Context: risk-reward, family sacrifices, make decisions on the fly, execution, persuasion Start softly: moonlight, run experiments Not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur / CEO understand your risk profile make a difference (on the company, the customers, the world) not a cog: definitely a contributor Flavors of entrepreneurial activity Run a business unit Intrapreneurship International expansion Head of product Join an early startup TEAM Start your own company

3.2.2. Biz plans x lean startup

3.2.3. What is a startup ?

3.2.4. Opportunity recognition Dismiss the idea eureka approach A framework (see original presentation)

3.2.5. Where great ideas - problems ! - come from

3.2.6. Canvas BMC Lean VPC An example - Lean Mama

3.2.7. ICP - ideal customer profile & Customer segments customer x user x payer why they buy ? B2B x B2C multisided market segmentation & archetypes

3.2.8. Problem Interviews & Script

3.2.9. Reach out tactics

3.2.10. Talking to Humans

3.3. Conception

3.3.1. Mockups & Wireframes Prototyping tools

3.3.2. Solution Interview

3.3.3. Smoke tests

3.3.4. MVPs Developing an MVP CTO co-founder x sw house approach : pros and cons Dating, before you marry Start simple: one version, quick iteration You do not need to code to know how to judge a good CTO

3.3.5. Produto & Tecnologia UX / UI best practices Tecnologia básico pra ter algo minimanente funcional

3.3.6. Team Ideal team profile: hustler, hacker, hipster Find a partner in crime Equity split & formalization Where CTOs hangout Tech meetups CTOs suggest CTOs EngComp & Startup Weekends Gama Academy Vesting & long term engagement SOP How much share to dole out ?

3.3.7. Revenue Model & Pricing

3.3.8. Channels

3.3.9. Running experiments

3.3.10. Traction experiments & Growth

3.3.11. Marketing funnels & Conversion metrics Vanity metrics Key metrics: CAC / LTV / churn

3.3.12. Marketing best practices SEO Social media marketing Content marketing

3.3.13. Financial modelling This is your FUCKING CEO role Not the accountants, CFO or anyone else XLS should be a spreadsheet's picture of your real business You should master its inner mechanics Revenue projections done right Market funnels Validated metrics Top to bottom line Sales machine Basic cost centers XLS examples

3.3.14. Pivot & business model adjustments

3.4. Growth

3.4.1. Pitch deck Anatomy of an awesome pitch deck (5o Andar) Review of early decks of now famous companies

3.4.2. Investor relationship & attraction

3.4.3. Accelerators: should I join one ?

3.4.4. Opening up a company Contrato social conversão do acordo prévio entre sócios Impostos / Simples DRE/Cashflow

3.4.5. Equity x convertible notes risks

3.4.6. Convertible note key topics Interest Discount Cap Governance SOP

3.4.7. Anatomy of a convertible note liq. pref.!

3.4.8. Fundraising

3.4.9. Valuation 101 pre x post money underlying rationale for a valuation usual valuations & numbers for early stage businesses why sky high valuations are a bad idea Methods

3.4.10. Equity crowdfunding

3.4.11. Cap table best practices dillution

3.4.12. Company building Team: Management & Structuring teams

3.4.13. Produto e Tecnologia metodologia de desenvolvimento agile scrum/cambam teste automatizado estruturação de time Onboarding CX/S Suporte Vendas / pré-vendas OKRs

3.4.14. TS & Series A Staged financing O que é TS ? carta de intenções resmidas Captação estar a frente do processo dirigir o processo Ter multiplos TS no mesmo timing Due dillig. Closing

3.4.15. Internationalization

3.4.16. Series B to IPO

3.4.17. M&A basics