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1. Ensure full time education is available for all children. Provide a wage/benefit to certain children who attend everyday.

1.1. Legal & Political

1.1.1. Reduce child labour as parents will no longer have to send their children to work instead of school to earn money.

1.1.2. Amount of money the government spends on benefits with greatly increase.

2. Offer free birth control and sex education to people living in poverty.

2.1. Social

2.1.1. Reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies of women living in poverty.

2.1.2. Possibly increasing likelihood of people escaping poverty as they won't have to spend money on unwanted children.

3. Start a scheme for those on benefits who are trying to escape poverty.

3.1. Economical

3.1.1. As it stands, in order to receive financial aid people need to be earning below a certain amount of money, this then penalises people who are trying to make their way out of poverty.

3.1.2. For people who were previously earning below the required amount of money but are now working and therefore earning over that money, there should be a scheme where these people can still receive a smaller portion of benefits for a period of time.

3.1.3. This may lead to people being less likely to try and escape poverty as they would then receive less financial aid.

3.1.4. This would increase the amount of money the government spends on benefits.

4. Do more large scale charity events in order to raise money from across the UK to aid poverty, e.g Comic Relief.

4.1. Social & Economical

4.1.1. Smaller scale events occurring across the UK to donate to the grand total i.e bake sales, non-uniform days etc.

4.1.2. Will people want to support a charity for poverty in the UK when poverty elsewhere is a greater issue?

4.1.3. Will the cost of the TV event etc outweigh the money raised for charity?

5. Provide workshops for people in poverty looking for work.

5.1. Social & Economical

5.1.1. Provide nice clothes (donated?) and interview practice to help people in poverty get a job.

6. Increase tax of the rich, decrease tax on the poor.

6.1. Economical

6.1.1. The rich may question why they have to pay more as they have worked hard for their money.

6.1.2. May lead to more cases of tax evasion, raising legal issues.

7. Offer more resources to people living in poverty.

7.1. Environmental

7.1.1. This leads to people being less reliant on natural resources, therefore helping the environment.

7.1.2. Open more food banks, homeless shelters, places where people can come to shower etc.

7.1.3. People may then become reliant on these services and therefore see no reason to attempt to escape poverty.