Selling JVZOO Products as an affiliate

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Selling JVZOO Products as an affiliate af Mind Map: Selling JVZOO Products as an affiliate

1. Is the product in your niche?

2. Does the price point make sense?

3. Setting up your promotion

3.1. Presell

3.1.1. email only

3.1.2. Email > presell page

3.2. Bonuses

3.2.1. Add your own complimentary bonuses

3.2.2. Use bonuses provided by vendor

3.3. Mail direct to the offer

3.3.1. Write your own email swipes CashVertising

4. Sticking to one product all the way through

4.1. Most products are 3-7 days long

4.1.1. Presell

4.1.2. Mail on live day send to your unopens in the evening

4.1.3. Mail on day 2 with a different angle Send to unopen in the evening with different subject line

4.1.4. Mail another angle on day 3, or continue mailing to your unopens

4.1.5. Closing hard Mail at noon Unopens at 6PM FINAL call email at 10:30 pm

5. How I like to structure my emails

5.1. Open with an attention grabbing paragraph

5.1.1. Cover the main benefits here and any results the vendor has achieved with the software

5.1.2. List the main benefits of what the customer will be getting

5.1.3. Add any urgency or scarcity

5.1.4. Always have a P.S with testimonials, different benefits, or summary of what was covered above. You can also recap the urgency

6. Always be testing new things

6.1. try promoting a product in a different niche

6.2. try mailing direct VS offering bonuses

6.3. Try not preselling and just mail once a product is live

6.4. Use Redirect Links so you can swap things out

7. Review access and test the product

8. You don't have to only build your list with Launches

8.1. Start a blog

8.2. Have retargeted on everything

8.3. Rank Videos