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Adobe PhoneGap af Mind Map: Adobe PhoneGap

1. Versus

1.1. PhoneGap against competitors

1.1.1. Xamarin vs PhoneGap

1.1.2. Android vs PhoneGap

1.1.3. iOS vs PhoneGap

2. What is it?

2.1. Mobile Development Tool

2.1.1. Cross Plataform Development

2.1.2. Using HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript

2.1.3. Originated from Apache Cordova cordova.js

2.1.4. Core Cordova's JavaScript framework

2.1.5. Open-source Apache License version 2.0

3. Pros and Cons

3.1. Pros

3.1.1. Easy learning

3.1.2. Simplify emulation Web client using PC/Laptop and a Smartphone with the PhoneGap app

3.1.3. PhoneGap Build Simplified deploy PhoneGap Build

3.1.4. No need for specialized programming

3.2. Cons

3.2.1. Low performance compared to native developed apps

3.2.2. Limited design Need an experienced web designer

3.2.3. Price for using "PhoneGap Build"

3.2.4. and you still have to pay for publishing on Apple App Store Microsoft Windows Store Google Play Store

4. Market Share

4.1. 1. Source: research2guidance’s Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014

4.1.1. research2guidance 2014

4.2. 2. Skills in demand for Mobile App Development in Pune, India

4.3. 3. OS Smartphones market share Source: IDC - International Data Corporation

5. Conclusion

5.1. Recomended for ...

5.1.1. Rapid Development

5.1.2. Easy and fast distribution

6. Thank You!

6.1. Presented by: Gustavo Lopes & Johnatan Alves