TWC301 Course Info

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TWC301 Course Info af Mind Map: TWC301 Course Info

1. Course Goals

1.1. To learn how to publish myself on the world wide web

1.2. by using mindmeister to aid in the organization of my ideas.

1.3. learn about the virtual world and how it can can me in the future

1.4. ultimately progress my knowledge of social media sites

2. Virtual Cultures

2.1. Social CMC

2.1.1. 2 worlds virtual reality tangible reality

2.1.2. people can connect no matter their geographical status

2.1.3. Allows for people to stay connected to larger circles

2.2. Software

2.2.1. friendster

2.2.2. myspace

2.2.3. facebook

2.2.4. etc.

2.3. origin

2.3.1. EFF

2.3.2. Emerged in 80s

2.3.3. first popular social site...Friendster

2.3.4. Virtual Theory has adapted and changed since the birth of the internet

2.3.5. New node

2.4. Connections

2.4.1. people can connect from anywhere

2.4.2. w/ people of same interests

3. C.R.A.P.

4. Copyright

4.1. New node

5. Course Outcomes

5.1. New node

6. New node