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Voicethread - Mindy Paul af Mind Map: Voicethread - Mindy Paul

1. How to get started using Voicethread?

1.1. Click to learn how to use Voicethread https://voicethread.com/media/misc/getting_started_in_the_classroom.pdf

1.1.1. Step by step: http://www.nccu.edu/knowledgebase/faq.cfm?id=488

2. Using Voicethread in Education

2.1. Great for an entire class to be able to share their thoughts, photos, videos online, no matter students' locations.

2.1.1. This is a great tool especially for those students who are not comfortable getting up in front of the entire class and speaking. It may provide the practice they need to feel more confident. Andrea Santella Great point! I am always so hesitant to assign projects that would require the students to present in front of the class because I do not want to make kids feel targeted or forced or uncomfortable. Voicethread is a great way for students to present their work without having to step in front of a group of students which can help them feel more comfortable and confident. Also, they are able to record their voice thread multiple times until they are satisfied with the finished product which may help them feel more confident about their work also. -Carissa McGuigan

2.2. A student can go into different groups for a group project or for different classes.

2.3. K-12 can use it for" book discussion, student biography, presentation, mathcast, video discussion,

2.3.1. Students can comment on other students' posts and even create a conversation through text or by voice audio recordings. Younger students may need some help in the beginning

2.3.2. Students should prepare ahead of posting a voicethread

2.4. Can be efficient for fitting into Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

2.4.1. Once students are ready to apply their understanding they can use Voicethread as a way to do so Other students can analyze students voicethreads and then add their own links, media clipping, and integrate their evaluations of their work Students can create and post to voicethread

2.5. Good for audio learners!

2.5.1. I like that you mentioned different learning styles! I agree that Voicethread is a wonderful tool, as it allows students to become more engaged with other students and content, where you can see, hear, and interact with one another online! I think this is a rather beneficial tool for online students like ourselves in order to gain more information about the students in the online classroom! -J.Wisniewski I agree! I feel like I have gotten to know my classmates a lot more personally putting a name with a voice and a face even thought its an online class. M. Paul

2.6. Makes online classes a lot more personal

3. Website

3.1. https://voicethread.com

3.2. It is used within your browser so no need to download anything!

3.2.1. This type of set-up is very convenient. Sometimes there are compatibility issues when downloading programs. W. Kerr

4. Purpose

4.1. "It allows you to transform collections of media, like image, videos, documents, and presentations, into a place for a conversation."

5. Why use Voicethread?

5.1. Collaborative

5.1.1. Students and teachers can record their thoughts to share with their class. Voicethread is a great way to make discussions and keep students engaged! -J.Wisniewski

5.1.2. Parents, other teachers, authors, etc. can comment too - as long as you add them.....this allows the students to make connections globally! -Dr. Fritz Yes! I didn't realize but how amazing! Opening ways for students to be able to learn and compete globally and in the real world is our goal! M. Paul I had never thought of it being a way to connect globally. Thank you for the insight. W.Kerr

5.2. Convenient

5.2.1. Students can record at any time. I also like that you can do as many takes as you need to get the product you want. When standing in front of a crowd, you only get one chance, so this removes some of the pressure. Andrea Santella Agreed! I can't say how many times I will try one recording because there was a noise or because I didn't like the way I paused at a given moment. This is key because it takes the anxiety off and allows people to focus on the content of what they want to say or convey rather than focusing on the actual performance of it. M. Paul

5.2.2. Students can watch other students' and teacher's recordings anytime.

5.2.3. Easy to use with simple format. Upload images, video, documents, presentations and be able to have a conversation about them!

5.2.4. It's free!

5.3. Secure

5.3.1. They can even make their own identities = avatars to make it more personalized

5.3.2. Protected. Use sign in.

6. Offers:

6.1. Text

6.2. Microphone

6.3. Telephone

6.3.1. I have never tried

6.4. Web cam

6.5. Upload audio file