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Mit nye Mind Map af Mind Map: Mit nye Mind Map

1. Genre: Gothic

2. Narrator: omniscient third person narrator, but it seems limited, but the last sentence give it away “Romance at short notice was her speciality"

3. Maincharacters: Mr. Nuttel The Niece Vera Mrs. Sappelton

4. The gothic elements: Ghost Haunted House Death But all from Mr. Nuttels point of view

5. Settings: The story takes place in the 18th hundred in England.

6. The open window: The story is written by Saki, and it is a gothic text.

7. Summary: The story is about Mr. Nuttel coming to Mrs. Sappeltons house to do some kind of check. While he is waiting for her, her niece is telling Mr. Nuttel that the window is open because Mrs. Sappelton is still waiting for her husband and sons to return from their haunt. Nut they have been out for a year now without returning. When Mr. Nuttel stands in the living room he then sees the husband and sons, and Mr. Nuttel things he have seen ghosts. But in the end they had only been gone for the day, and the whole story was made up by the Niece.