My Chapter 11-2 Project By Jordyn Kravitz

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My Chapter 11-2 Project By Jordyn Kravitz af Mind Map: My Chapter 11-2 Project          By Jordyn Kravitz

1. The Cherokee Nation

1.1. Identified as separate nation

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1.2. Sued government and in the case Worcester v. Georgia, they originally won but President Jackson vowed to ignore the Supreme Court's ruling.

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2. Indian Removal Act

2.1. Federal government paid Native Americans to move west.

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2.2. Indian Territory was an area for Native Americans from the Southeast

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3. The Trail of Tears

3.1. General Winfield Scott was the general of an army of 7,000 federal troops came to remove the Cherokee from their homes and lead them west.

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3.2. The name "The Trail of Tears" came from the trail the Cherokee's cried on during their forced journey.

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4. Moving Native Americans

4.1. Relocate- To force a person or group of people to move

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4.2. President Jackson supported the settlers demand for Native American land, due to his being a former farmer.

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5. Native American Resistance

5.1. Guerrilla tactics- making surprise attacks

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5.2. Osceola was the Seminole chief and him and some of his people refused to leave Florida

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6. The Trail of Tears