Ebola & Emerging Tech

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Ebola & Emerging Tech af Mind Map: Ebola & Emerging Tech

1. People driven

1.1. Advocacy

1.1.1. AllAfrica

1.1.2. American Academy of Pediatrics

1.1.3. EbolaProject

1.1.4. Facebook

1.1.5. UNICEF: #StopEbola

1.1.6. UNICEF: Mission: Help Stop Ebola Now

1.1.7. World Food Programme

1.2. Citizen Science / CitSci

1.2.1. Examples See "Genetics" Map4Ebola How OpenIdeo Swarmbuild

1.2.2. About Ebola Virus: Story for Citizen Science CDC and WHO open-source all their realtime datasets of Ebola spread so that they can crowdsource citizen science solution

1.3. Citizen Journalism

1.3.1. Projects Ebola Alert Ebola Deeply On Our Radar Ebola Tag: Ebola

1.3.2. Examples Ebola crisis: Sierra Leone citizen reporters share their stories Fear & Denial: One Town's Response to Ebola The Illness is Worse than the War, Because We Cannot See It

1.3.3. About Fast Company: AFRICAN JOURNALISTS DEVELOPING DIGITAL TOOLS TO FIGHT EBOLA James Wesley, Rawles Talks Prepping, Ebola & Citizen Journalism SciLogs: Covering Ebola TED: Ebola, a new way to learn what's going on from experts, journalists, and locals

1.4. Collaboration Tech

1.4.1. Ebola - Communicating with Communities (Google Spreadsheet)

1.4.2. How can ICTs improve our Ebola response? (Google Doc)

1.5. Communication

1.5.1. Challenges Misinformation & Hype As Ebola Spreads, So Have Several Fallacies Experts Offer Steps for Avoiding Public Hysteria, a Different Contagious Threat FIGHTING THE ENDLESS SPREAD OF EBOLA MISINFORMATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA: THIS IS HOW AN EPIDEMIC UNFOLDS ONLINE, WITH RUMORS, SCIENTIFIC FACT, AND PRAYERS ALL MIXED TOGETHER. Mama Ti's African Kitchen Throwing everything but the kitchen sink, quackery-wise, at Ebola What It's Like to Go Bowling With Someone Who Has Ebola Stigma African immigrants speak up against harassment over Ebola Attackers Called African Boys 'Ebola' In Brutal NYC School Beating: Advocacy Group #BBCtrending: WhatsApp users join Ebola stigma fight “People were told if they shout 'Jesus’, they will have divine intervention” Polio victim: SHE IS STARVING AND DYING ON THE STREETS OF BO. PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO GO NEAR HER West African Teen Taunted With Chants of ‘Ebola’ at High School Soccer Game Weaponized Weaponized Ebola: Is It Really a Bioterror Threat? Ebola As ISIS Bio-Weapon?

1.5.2. Solutions Education & Training Examples About Information & Health Literacy See also "Citizen Journalism" See also "Education & Training: Examples" Tech About Social Media Projects / Proposals Tools About

1.6. Crowdfunding

1.6.1. Examples Ebola-chan, the visual novel Raw reports from Ebola hot zones Scripps: Outsmart Ebola Together Smart Phones for Ebola Health Workers UCSF: Support the Emergency Ebola Response

1.6.2. About Ebola researcher turns to crowdfunding for help in finding cure Smithsonian: Now We're Crowdfunding Ebola Research?

1.7. Crowdsourcing

1.7.1. Examples FoldIt Harvard: Ebola Genes Sequenced OpenStreetMap Project Page Earlier version Ushahidi

1.7.2. Challenges Duke Ebola Challenge Ebola Grand Challenge HackerLeague Computing for Ebola John Hopkins OpenIDEO USAID White House Yegii

1.7.3. About Inside The Crowdsourced Map Project That Is Helping Contain The Ebola Epidemic How crowdsourcing and supercomputing are helping Sierra Leone combat its Ebola epidemic Supercomputing Crowdsourced Against Ebola Fight From MIT, crowdsourcing a response to Ebola All Hands on Deck, a design challenge for Ebola

1.8. Makers & DIY

1.8.1. What they say How Exactly Does The Ebola Virus Work? #SaturdayMorningCartoons Makers Against Ebola – Design Goals

1.8.2. What they do Makers Against Ebola Project Examples About DIY Ebola Challenge About Examples What’s Your Wearable Idea for Fighting Ebola? #WearableWednesday Raspberry Pi Backend Database Syringe Pump Beaglebone PCR Old examples proposed for re-use $2 Egg-beater centrifuge may save lives Hardware: Dremelfuge Classic Hacked Hard-disc Centrifuge

1.8.3. And then there's preppers DrN0OB: EBOLA Protection - DIY Homemade Medical Suit (Dr. N00Bz Lab Ep41) Bola Bucket (diy Ebola Protection Suit in a bug out bucket)

1.8.4. About Here’s What Survivalists Are Buying to Prepare for the Ebola Outbreak Americans Are Stocking Up On Ebola Survival Gear Challenge could be proving grounds for startups to tackle world issues like Ebola

1.9. Open

1.9.1. Open EpiInfo Bioproject: Zaire ebolavirus genome sequencing Ebola Data Jam (IBM) OpenIDEO CDC and WHO open-source all their realtime datasets of Ebola spread so that they can crowdsource citizen science solution OpenStreetMap Earlier version

1.9.2. Open Access Images CDC NIAID OpenI PHIL (must search in database) Wikipedia Others Handouts Articles (crowdsourced collection)

1.9.3. Open Data SEE "Data: Open Data"

1.9.4. Open Government Open Government Partnership Open Government Initiative: Sierra Leone Ebola Data Jam partnership Ebola Data Jam resources

1.9.5. Open IBM? IBM Launches Humanitarian Initiatives to Help Contain Ebola Outbreak in Africa Taps data and citizen engagement against the spread of disease IBM Research: Will Crowdsourcing And Data Stem The Ebola Outbreak (Soundcloud)

1.9.6. Open Source Code Repositories Github CM Rivers - data Andrew Munsell - interactive, real time, dataviz Colin Megill - autoupdating stats Ebola Crowdsource (Josh Herr) Fulcrum (Jason Sanford) - Ebola dashboard Google - Ebola Tools Mattias Hising - visualize open datasets Melissa Gynrek - ebola music challenge Montana Flynn - Ebola Outbreak Projections NuCivic (open source civic solutions) Simon B Johnson - Ebola Narrative Steven King - data dashboard Versal - Ebola Gadgets World Health Organization Ebola Code Repository OpenMRS Ebola Development Environment MashAPE: Ebola Ourbreak API

1.9.7. Open Source Pharma Can open-source pharma cure Ebola and other neglected killers? OPEN SOURCE PHARMA LETTER TO WHO TO SUPPORT AN OPEN SOURCE EBOLA PROJECT Open Source Pharma

1.9.8. Open Sources Wearables Can an open-source group hack Ebola gear? Portable Cooling Station for Modified PPE and Hazmat Suits

1.9.9. Open Ebola Projects in the News Inside The Crowdsourced Map Project That Is Helping Contain The Ebola Epidemic Ebola: Panic or Pandemic? – An open source investigation Using open-source mapping to help stop Ebola

1.10. Reverse Innovation

1.10.1. About concept Community health workers: an opportunity for reverse innovation Reverse innovation: Everyone has something to teach and something to learn Unleashing the potential of reverse innovation for the NHS

1.10.2. Caring for Critically Ill Patients with Ebola Virus Disease. Perspectives from West Africa

1.10.3. From Senegal and Nigeria, 4 Lessons on How to Stop Ebola

1.10.4. Governments Can Learn From Firestone Tires How to Stop Ebola In Africa

1.10.5. How Did Nigeria Quash Its Ebola Outbreak So Quickly?

1.10.6. Nigeria: U.S. Sends Medical Experts to Study How Nigeria Tamed Ebola

1.10.7. Valuable Ebola Lessons the US Can Learn From Nigeria

1.10.8. What Can Donors Learn from HIV in Responding to Ebola?

1.10.9. What Texas can learn from Nigeria when it comes to containing Ebola

2. Science driven

2.1. Arxiv/bioRxiv

2.1.1. Be-CoDiS: An epidemiological model to predict the risk of human diseases spread worldwide. Application to the 2014 Ebola Virus Disease epidemic

2.1.2. Current data show no signal of Ebola virus adapting to humans

2.1.3. Description of the Early Growth Dynamics of 2014 West Africa Ebola Epidemic

2.1.4. Epidemiological and evolutionary analysis of the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak bioRxiv

2.1.5. Estimating the reproduction number of Ebola virus (EBOV) during the 2014 outbreak in West Africa

2.1.6. Increased evolutionary rate in the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak is due to transient polymorphism and not positive selection

2.1.7. A Model of the 2014 Ebola Epidemic in West Africa with Contact Tracing

2.1.8. Modeling the Impact of Interventions on an Epidemic of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia

2.1.9. Post-death Transmission of Ebola: Challenges for Inference and Opportunities for Control

2.1.10. The Western Africa Ebola virus disease epidemic exhibits both global exponential and local polynomial growth rates

2.2. Biohacking / DIYbio / SynBio

2.2.1. Biohacking Biohackers Discuss Ebola BulletProofExec Tweet Forum West Point: As terrorism O'Reilly Radar: Bioterrorism

2.2.2. DIYbio NYC3dp Geektime Inside3DP SwarmBuild Challenge About DIYbio Ebola Kit OpenTrons automated liquid handler Open PCR Spectrometer Single & Multichannel Pipettes, volumes of P2, P10, P20, P100, P200, P1000, P5000 Microcentrifuge, PCR thermocycler, gel electrophoresis

2.2.3. SynBio Paper diagnostic

2.3. Data

2.3.1. Big Data Hunting down Ebola with big data How big data, mobile and cloud are fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone Ebola: Can big data analytics help contain its spread? Ebola: Big data and social networks may hold potential to curbing epidemic How big data could help stop the Ebola outbreak Social Data for Ebola Surveillance

2.3.2. About Interview: Real-time data is answer to Ebola crisis -- UNICEF Ebola Data, Machine-Readable at Last The Data

2.3.3. Data simulation Simulating a global Ebola Outbreak

2.3.4. Data modeling Johns Hopkins MuPIT About Tool PLoS Currents Outbreak Is West Africa Approaching a Catastrophic Phase or is the 2014 Ebola Epidemic Slowing Down? Different Models Yield Different Answers for Liberia Modeling the Impact of Interventions on an Epidemic of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia Inference and Forecast of the Current West African Ebola Outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia A Quick Analysis of the West Africa Ebola Outbreak: A Simple SEIR Model of the 2014 Epidemic Modeling a Pandemic like Ebola with the Wolfram Language

2.3.5. Data visualization Visualizing the Ebola outbreak Visualizing the Ebola outbreak in Liberia Two months in #Ebola on Twitter Flowminder New: Ebola mobility estimates

2.3.6. Open Data 2014 Ebola Outbreak Dataset Caitlin Rivers CM Rivers Github Ebola Dataset DataMarket Ebola Data Ebola Data Ebola Science Resources Ebola Stats Ebola Wiki: List of Ebola Related Data Sources HDX (Humanitarian Data Exchange) [An UN OCHA project] HDX: Datasets: Ebola (CC-licensed) HDX: Ebola: Data Highlights Open Humanitarian Data Repository Tech4Relief WORKING LIST OF DATA SOURCES FOR EBOLA MAPPERS WorldPop: Ebola

2.4. Diagnostics

2.4.1. One-hour Ebola test from bioMérieux receives FDA emergency use authorization

2.4.2. Could Point-of-Care Testing Stop Ebola Outbreak?

2.4.3. Lancet: Ebola in Sierra Leone: a call for action

2.4.4. Emerging Technologies in Preparedness: View from the Sentinel Level Laboratory (slides)

2.5. Genetics

2.5.1. Genes Bioproject UCSC Ebola Genome Portal About Tools

2.5.2. Research Host genetic diversity enables Ebola hemorrhagic fever pathogenesis and resistance Phylodynamic Analysis of Ebola Virus in the 2014 Sierra Leone Epidemic Genomic surveillance elucidates Ebola virus origin and transmission during the 2014 outbreak. Is Ebola adapting?

2.5.3. Conversations & News Harvard Science Daily Science Gateway

2.6. Mapping / Tracking

2.6.1. Examples CyberTracker Global Ebola Map HealthMap OpenStreetMap Earlier version Image of Open Street Map Activities for Ebola Crisis PandemicMap Ushahidi WorldPop: Ebola

2.6.2. About BBC: Ebola tracking system for Sierra Leone offered by IBM CyberTracker data shows impact of Ebola on Lowland Gorillas Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team FastCoLabs: Inside The Crowdsourced Map Project That Is Helping Contain The Ebola Epidemic Map For Ebola with American Red Cross Mapping the Ebola Outbreak Progress mapping West Africa’s Ebola outbreak Tracking Ebola with CrisisNET and the Ushahidi Platform Tracking Ebola in West Africa on CrisisNET Wolfram: Simulating a global Ebola outbreak Wolfram: Visualizing the Ebola Outbreak

2.7. Nanosilver

2.7.1. IEET: Is using nano silver to treat Ebola misguided?

2.7.2. IEET: Nano silver and ebola: Show us the data, or remove claims (FDA)

2.8. NASA

2.8.1. Adapt NASA liquid air life support

3. Tech driven

3.1. 3D Printing

3.1.1. 3D Printing for Ebola Care Facilities

3.1.2. Fighting Ebola With DIY Biotech 3D Printing

3.1.3. Models Shapeways Free Thought Designs You Can Now 3D Print the Ebola Virus... Well Sort Of

3.2. Apps

3.2.1. Examples Government EpiInfo About EpiInfo WISER Other CyberTracker Ebola Near Me EbolaTracker MXIT WhatsApp YoMinder

3.2.2. Collections/Projects Apps Against Ebola

3.2.3. About CDC Disease Detectives Using New Software Tool in Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak EBOLA CARE: AMAZON FIRE WILL SUPPORT EBOLA PREVENTION APP BBC: #BBCtrending: WhatsApp users join Ebola stigma fight Forbes: An Android App That Could Help Fight Ebola Mobile Health Apps Have Role In Ebola Crisis THIS NEW APP WILL TELL YOU HOW CLOSE YOU ARE TO EBOLA Tracking Ebola with CDC's App YoMinder App Delivers Geo-Local Alerts and Recommendations on Ebola, Flu and Infectious Diseases

3.3. Biosensors

3.4. Biotech

3.4.1. DARPA DARPA biotech division seeks ideas to solve Ebola crisis, prepare for ‘next thing’ DTRA Backs Larger Ebola Air Evacuation Isolation Systems

3.4.2. Biocontainment

3.4.3. Diagnosis One-hour Ebola test from bioMérieux receives FDA emergency use authorization Could Point-of-Care Testing Stop Ebola Outbreak? Ebola Tests Fast Tracked By FDA DoD Replenishing Reagents for Ebola Diagnostic New 15-Minute Ebola Diagnostic to be Trialed in Guinea

3.4.4. Plasma Consortium to Pursue Ebola Convalescent Plasma Global Emerging Pathogen Treatment Consortium Formed To Study Potential Of Immune Plasma Treatment In The Fight Against Ebola

3.4.5. Salivary Diagnostics Safer Screening for Ebola Virus by Testing Saliva New 15-minute saliva test for Ebola may be big boost in the fight against outbreak Diagnostic-Gear Maker Cepheid to Develop Rapid Test for Ebola Virus Ceres Partners with Mason to Develop Saliva Screening Test for Ebola

3.4.6. Therapies New Study Exposes How ZMapp Attacks Ebola Structures of protective antibodies reveal sites of vulnerability on Ebola virus ZMapp FAQ How the Ebola drug ZMapp is made Vaccine NIAID/GSK Experimental Ebola Vaccine Appears Safe

3.5. Cryogenics

3.5.1. Boot/Helmet

3.5.2. Adapt NASA liquid air life support tech

3.6. Gaming

3.6.1. Example FoldIt Online game used to brainstorm problems & discover solutions through crowdsourcing. About Ebola in 3D Training video game Ebola In 3-D: A Video Game To Guide Health Care Workers Through A Ward Plague A video game not designed for but being used for education The Game About Pandemic A collaborative game not designed for but being used for education and fundraising. Board Game Helps Fight Real World Ebola Pandemic Board Game

3.6.2. Fund Raising Games Against Ebola The Games Against Ebola Game jam is underway! Game Jams Board Game Helps Fight Real World Ebola

3.6.3. Resources Center for Game Science

3.7. Geolocation / Geotagging / GPS

3.7.1. Ebola Response

3.7.2. Geotag Ebola

3.7.3. Heatmap of Ebola Tweets

3.7.4. Reddit

3.7.5. ReliefWeb UNICEF Guinea: Ebola Situation Report, 12 November 2014

3.8. Hackers

3.8.1. Projects Biohackers Discuss Ebola #Hack4Ebola #HackAgainstEbola Project Page Schedule Crowdfunding Twitter Video Ghana Competition HackerLeague Computing for Ebola MSF #hack4good Emergency Response “Hackathon” to Help MSF with Ebola Outbreak – this weekend! Emergency Response “Hackathon” to Help MSF with Ebola Outbreak Geeklist: Emergency Ebola response #hack4good with MSF Help Doc HackPad Twitter: #hack4good Ushahidi: Hacking on Crisis Data

3.9. IBM

3.9.1. Ebola tracking system for Sierra Leone offered by IBM

3.9.2. How IBM Is Fighting Ebola With Supercomputers

3.9.3. IBM Launches Humanitarian Initiatives to Help Contain Ebola Outbreak in Africa: Taps data and citizen engagement against the spread of disease

3.9.4. IBM Research – Africa Uses Technology in Ebola Humanitarian Efforts

3.10. Mobile

3.10.1. About Forbes: Magpi Helps Collect NGO Data--One Part Of Helping Deal With The Ebola Crisis How High-Tech is Fighting Against Ebola Cell-Phone Data Might Help Predict Ebola’s Spread British Red Cross launches TERA in fight against ebola MAGPI: Challenges of Electronic Data Collection in the Ebola Treatment Unit mHero Updates Health Workers on Ebola in Real Time Mobile Health Apps Have Role In Ebola Crisis Taking preventive action to stop the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Using technology to reach communities Text Message Service Tackles Ebola In Africa

3.10.2. Infrastructure Are smartphones the right gift for West Africa’s Ebola fight?

3.10.3. Research Commentary: Containing the Ebola Outbreak – the Potential and Challenge of Mobile Network Data

3.10.4. Tools MAGPI (data collection) mHero RapidPro TERA TERA (Trilogy Emergency Relief Application) and Beneficiary Communication Ebola text-message system set to expand The Red Cross Is Using Text Messaging To Take Down Ebola

3.11. Robotics

3.11.1. Real Robots to Help Fight Ebola

3.11.2. Ebola-tackling robots to be discussed by the White House

3.11.3. Asepsis Can robots help stop the Ebola outbreak? Death-ray robots enlisted to fight in war on Ebola Ebola-Zapping Robots Unleashed in Hospitals Germ-zapping robot could support war against Ebola (w/ Video) Germ-zapping robot Gigi sets its sights on Ebola US. Military Robots To Join Fight Against Ebola

3.11.4. Telepresence The Best Nurses for Ebola: Robots? CBS: Robots vs Ebola An eBola Solution Scientists Consider Repurposing Robots for Ebola

3.12. Telemedicine

3.12.1. Traditional Telemedicine Most Effective Weapon against Ebola May Be Telemedicine Technology Nebraska Medical Center uses telemedicine to treat Ebola virus patient Telemedicine Mitigates Risk For Treating Ebola Patient Treatment of Ebola in the Digital Age We have tools to treat Ebola from afar

3.12.2. Holograms Interesting Engineering Event: Holograms and Communication to Stop the Spread of Disease

3.12.3. Virtual Worlds

3.12.4. Tools Vidyo

3.13. Wearable Tech

3.13.1. SEE ALSO - "Open: Open Source Wearables"

3.13.2. Biocontainment Pentagon seeks protective bubble for Ebola Patients Life Cube and Isolation Systems, Inc. take on Ebola

3.13.3. Personal Protective Environments What’s Your Wearable Idea for Fighting Ebola? #WearableWednesday Wearable Technology to Track Sanitation and Exposure to Disease Woman saves three relatives from Ebola

3.13.4. About Ebola threat: How wearable tech can keep you (and everybody else) safe Wearable Technology Aids Healthcare Workers and Organizations in the Fight Against Ebola How might we rapidly equip and empower the care community to fight Ebola? Can an open-source group hack Ebola gear? Ebola threat: How wearable tech can keep you (and everybody else) safe Using wearable technology to help fight Ebola, it reaches 6.1 billion people worldwide at once.

3.13.5. Other Wearables for Managing Epidemics

4. General

4.1. Articles

4.1.1. DefenseOne: How Can Technology Fight Ebola in Off-the-Grid West Africa?

4.1.2. How Africa Is Battling Ebola With Technology

4.1.3. IEET: Ebola: The 2014 Outbreak Explained

4.1.4. Lancet: Ebola in Sierra Leone: a call for action

4.1.5. MIT Tech Review: Challenges Remain for Technologies to Fight Ebola

4.1.6. PlugAndPlayTech: Understanding Technological Trends in Africa Could be the Key to Ebola Containment

4.1.7. State Department: The Ebola Public Health Emergency Aided by Online Tools

4.1.8. StateTech: Tech’s Role in Fighting the Ebola Outbreak

4.1.9. TechChange: 6 Ways Technology is Helping to Fight Ebola

4.1.10. TeleCentre: Top 4 Ways ICTs Can Help Defeat the Ebola Crisis

4.1.11. TheGuardian: Doctors look to technology in Ebola battle

4.1.12. ** Tim Unwin: On the contribution of ICTs to overcoming the impact of Ebola

4.2. Collections

4.2.1. Health Management Technology: News: October 29, 2014

4.2.2. How can ICTs improve our Ebola response?

4.2.3. MIT Tech Review

4.2.4. Science Magazine