Social Issues Faced by Teenagers

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Social Issues Faced by Teenagers af Mind Map: Social Issues Faced by Teenagers

1. Peer Pressure

1.1. Message Ideas:

1.1.1. Don't fall under pressure

1.1.2. Become friends with the write people

1.1.3. Just because somebody does something, does not mean you have to do the same

1.1.4. Have your own voice and speak our for yourself

1.1.5. Stop being friends with those who make you fall under peer pressure and do bad things.

1.2. Topics to Cover or Can Relate To :

1.2.1. Pressures of Society Social media Have to look a certain way Have to have do certain things Be friends with a certain type of group/people

1.2.2. Body Image Body shaming

1.2.3. Drinking & Drugs

1.2.4. Consequences Suicide Depression Jail/Criminal Acts Reputation ruined Loss of friends Bullied

1.3. Intensions that could be covered:

1.3.1. A lot of teens fall under peer pressure and get consequences from it.

1.3.2. It is not very easy for a teenager to avoid peer pressure because of pressures from society

2. Sexual Harrasment

2.1. Message Ideas:

2.1.1. Don't be afraid to speak out

2.1.2. Today sexual harassment can mean anything, where is your line?

2.1.3. If you see somebody struggle, don't be afraid to help them out

2.1.4. Sexual harassment does not only happen to women but also to men.

2.2. Topics to Cover:

2.2.1. Link to PTSD (or other forms of mental disorders

2.2.2. Insecurities Being too shy of telling the story Fear of consequences

2.2.3. Denial from the victim

2.2.4. #MeToo movement

2.3. Intentions that could be covered:

2.3.1. Sexual harassment is something that occurs very commonly.

2.3.2. Now some people over exaggerate sexual harasment. Somebody grazing your arm could be considered sexual harassment Where is your line?

3. School Shooting

3.1. Message Ideas:

3.1.1. There is a story behind the school shooter

3.1.2. Don't bully other students because you never know how they might take it.

3.2. Topics to Cover or Can Relate To:

3.2.1. Bullying

3.2.2. Mental Issues

3.2.3. Social Media

3.2.4. Suicide

3.2.5. Parental Abuse

3.3. Intentions that could be covered:

3.3.1. It is not only the gun law that impacts school shootings however it could be the story behind the shooter or their mental state.

3.3.2. Shooters might be under fear and can't control it, which is why they let out their fear through shooting?

3.3.3. The shooter always has a story behind the shooting, it could be that he or she wanted revenge.

3.4. Story Ideas

3.4.1. The story behind the shooter and why he/she decided to do it. The beginning scene could include a recorded monologue of the shooter (found through research). How she/he suffers from a mental issue.

3.4.2. Story of a survivor and how this impacted his/her life after the incident. How she suffers from PTSD or other disorders because of the shooting. Flashbacks she has whenever she sees something (i.e. her classroom, she gets a flashback to when the shooting occurred, etc). Trauma attacks, etc.