Renshi - What We Do

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Renshi - What We Do af Mind Map: Renshi - What We Do

1. Why

1.1. We believe every company is unique

1.2. We Believe every company has hidden ideas ready to be released

1.3. We believe rigid management models are ridiculous

2. How

2.1. Pull not push ideas

2.1.1. Tools not models

2.1.2. We don't force people into one model.

2.1.3. We take your system, your people and use 100's of tools to get results

2.2. Progress towards a goal

2.2.1. Action item lists

2.2.2. Business review meetings

2.2.3. Front line ideas

2.3. Full time PMC (Performance Management Coach)

2.3.1. We integrate ourselves into your system. We live and breath your environment. We understand the unique culture of every client. Never disrupt your team. EVER We make great companies better.

2.3.2. Experience Years of experience MBA's Coaching Multi-Industry Energy Forestry Engineering Steel Agriculture Manufacturing Plastics Construction Large firms

2.3.3. Observe in real time and coach in the moment using whatever tools from whatever model to get the desired result.

2.3.4. 1 on 1 Coaching sessions

2.3.5. Technical skills training

2.3.6. Leadership Excellence Senior leaders quiet Front line loud Idea generation

3. What

3.1. Reduced costs

3.1.1. Improved Recycle Ratio

3.1.2. Efficient Use of Capital

3.1.3. Improved Access to Capital

3.2. Easier Employee Acquisition

3.3. Higher Employee Retention

3.4. Higher Employee Involvement and Awareness