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FBA Fast Track af Mind Map: FBA Fast Track

1. 1. Introduction - What You're Getting

1.1. webinar recording

1.2. slides + guide + references (PDF)

1.3. PRIVATE Facebook Group

1.4. "Beyond Amazon"

1.5. WEEKLY bonuses (calls/webinars/guides)

2. 2. "The Model"

2.1. What To Sell

2.1.1. Sell what's already popular innovation is over-rated you are a MARKETER

2.1.2. avoid products dominated by known brands you want to "own the buy box" private label the product let everyone else compete on price for Canon Cameras

2.1.3. ideal characteristics can be private labeled can be sourced in small quantities (cashflow) LOW retail price ($5 - $50) consumable HIGH margins (100% or more) lightweight durable / not prone to breaking during shipment easy to package in a niche you can imagine selling 3-20 other products HAS competition you can learn the niche/product from the competition gives you a reference point to position your USP lets Amazon do affinity marketing for you ("if you like X you'll love Y...")

2.1.4. "bad" categories books kindle e-books software MP3s apps

2.2. Where To Sell It

2.2.1. Amazon.com

2.2.2. your own brand

2.2.3. exclusive buy box

2.3. How To Sell It

2.3.1. Professional Amazon Seller Central Account

2.3.2. FBA = Fulfilled By Amazon Amazon handles all inventory management and fulfillment FBA estimator Additional Fees labeling fee ($0.20/item) Package prep fees Barcode (10 for $19.90) Preparing FBA Shipment for shipment to Amazon Warehouse basic product listing Amazon gives you 2 PDFs

2.4. How To Promote It

2.4.1. "On Page Amazon SEO" Product Title ideally want the main keyword in front use the whole space to leverage other keywords Product Title = Headline How? Images Options multiple images Avoid too small Avoid too large Pricing always have a retail price and a sales price Description 1, Benefits Bullet Section 2. Product Description = SALESLETTER 3. Extract key points from the research you did for product titles Amazon shares they are ALWAYS moving this around Amazon Product Questions

2.4.2. Basic Promotion Plan Get 3-5 reviews friends/family buy the product for someone ask for an HONEST review ideally want 1/2 the folks to buy it on Amazon so they are a confirmed customer can use a promotion coupon Amazon search traffic 6-12 Amazon shares YouTube "how to" video can be about the product can be about the niche (e.g. cooking for a spatula product) link to Amazon product page in the description use the main keyword + supplementary keywords if you can (main is most important) press release ideally with promotion coupon announce brand announce product pricing social posts / web 2.0 (Facebook, twitter, squidoo, tumblr, etc.) BEST if you post and you get friends/family to post Can buy on fiverr.com, microworkers.com, taskrabbit.com, etc. not junk create a FB page for the niche, create some posts, buy promoted posts to post with Amazon link link spam OPTIONAL - but basically you can link spam Amazon listings spun article distribution or link wheel/pyramid on fiverr anchor text follow up reviews 7-14 days after purchase email customer using Amazon system within seller center

2.5. How To Find Suppliers

2.5.1. Google PRODUCT wholesale PRODUCT private label PRODUT supplier expect to go down 2-5 pages in Google listings

2.5.2. other sources gift / niche magazines wholesale lists (beware)

2.5.3. QUESTIONS (phone is best) lead time to get the product private labeling process price tiers might need to sign up minimum order quantity in-house labeling or a template setup needed? business / reseller license phone interview payment method (CC not PO at this point) packaging specs (KEY) will they accept 3rd party shipping?

3. 3. Variations

3.1. International seller

3.1.1. bank account suppporting ACH system go to your bank and ask if they can get you a "US consumer bank account" set up a US based business entity Nevada corporation IRS EIN number US mailing address payoneer bank account with First Bank Debit Mastercard Application process

3.1.2. selling in another country like UK, IN, etc. process is the same BUT there are local country variations Amazon FBA Europe

3.2. bitch slap

3.2.1. deals with heavy competition for a product niche

3.2.2. deals with the need for reviews

3.2.3. cashflow intensive

3.2.4. STEPS lower your price WELL below competition pay people to buy product & give honest review follow up with customers within seller central in 7-14 days for review as sales come in and ranking improves "SLOWLY" adjust prices back to competitive levels

3.3. organic (SEO) traffic

3.3.1. Google "animals" are changing beasts but it is still a zoo "authority" link authority link quantity domain age (!!) domain trust (!!) social signals freshness content on page titles (!!) descriptions (!!) broad, inter-related set of words and context (!!)

3.3.2. Why They Rank analyze competition you already have on page nailed link authority (number + quality) anchor text spread be a little better... more links better quality links a few more social signals

3.4. paid traffic

3.4.1. know the rules PPC to Amazon affiliate page is against TOS direct to product page is fine

3.4.2. presell page advertorial BEST if your niche/product fits yes, Google will be targeting them right now, FB is allowing follow all laws (FTC, etc) -- basically, disclaim in the header and footer in readable font text Crazy CTRs typically even when you disclaim everything product comparison still good (3 products)

3.4.3. Remarketing

3.5. already have product

3.5.1. are there similar products on Amazon? salesrank? category best seller rank?

3.5.2. don't want to use FBA look at the calculator again NEW - seeing non-FBA products disadvantaged in Amazon rankings you will have to spend more on promotion to keep sales up


3.6.1. China import/export fair (seriously)

3.6.2. trade shows

3.6.3. GiftShopMag & similar

3.6.4. AliExpress

4. 4. Q&A

4.1. shipping from International to Amazon

4.1.1. Many suppliers will do this

4.1.2. You can use Amazon FBA shipping if supplier will accept

4.2. Shortcut to rankings (in Google)

4.2.1. You can spam Amazon pages

4.2.2. not as effective as it once was

4.2.3. need better spam links :)

4.2.4. BETTER is a buffer network linking to Amazon pages

4.3. Shortcut to rankings (in Amazon)

4.3.1. sales + visitors

4.3.2. keyword driven visitors

4.3.3. interaction (shares and questions)

4.4. selling your own product

4.4.1. absolutely

4.4.2. is it rare? unique? one of a kind? WANT compeittion to compare against if a similar product isn't in the top 100 or top 1000 then sales may be very low mechanics are the same

4.5. Can Canadians sell in the US?

4.5.1. Yes

4.5.2. So can people from Iceland

4.5.3. Canada also has it's own seller central on Amazon.ca

4.6. jewelry & high end products

4.6.1. yes you can sell them...

4.6.2. there are often rules in place to verify quality

4.7. testing & tracking

4.7.1. you are limited to round robin testing

4.7.2. you can make a website and play with title, image, description to see which converts better better analytics may not carry over to Amazon layout

4.8. how are people getting 100s of reviews in a few weeks?

4.8.1. bitch slap

4.8.2. seller central dashboard follow up

5. 5. "Beyond Amazon"