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Ownership af Mind Map: Ownership

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1.1. Personal property

1.1.1. trade fixture attached to leased property by a business for trade

1.1.2. Crops when cut or sold

1.2. Real immovable

1.2.1. surface land, mineral, air and water rights

1.2.2. Water rights appropriate use under or adjacent right can be severed voluntary transfer, condemnation or prescription riparian moving water at a boundary if navigable rights cannot be determined from public records Littoral Non-moving water Appropriation government gives permission to a non-riparian owner to take water from neighbor's land Accretion slow growing of land bordering river Accession land being added to other property relict-ion increase of land

1.2.3. Appurtenances things used with the land for its benefit e.g. stock in a mutual water company is real property crops planted by the owner of a farm

1.3. Fixtures

1.3.1. Method of attachment

1.3.2. Agreement

1.3.3. Relationship of parties

1.3.4. Intention

1.3.5. Adaptability

1.3.6. e.g. vegetation is real property bushes, grass and trees

1.4. Encumbrances; burden on property

1.4.1. Liens; Money encumbrance Specific Mechanic's lien Trust Deed Involuntary Lien Attachment lien Judgement liens Voluntary Lien General Judgement Income tax lien Government liens have priority

1.4.2. Non money; encumbrances easements Appurtenant Easement Easement in Gross Creation Termination encroachments Owner is allowed 3 years to sue for trespassing restrictions private public

1.5. Freehold estate

1.5.1. Fee Simple estate of inheritance, perpetual estate estate in fee, fee estate = Fee simple absolute Fee Simple De-feasible Life Estate Subtopic

1.5.2. Life Estate Life Tenant may sell, lease or encumber when life tenant dies Cannot will the estate if tenancy is based on the life tenant's life Original grantor holds an estate in reversion

1.6. Less then Fee-hold estate

1.6.1. Estate for years must have termination date

1.6.2. periodic tenancy = month to month

1.6.3. Estate at will indefinite period

1.6.4. Estate in sufferance tenant stays in possession after expiration of lease

1.6.5. Types of Leases Gross lease lessee pays fixed amount Net Lease fixed income percentage lease based on gross receipts commercial parking would pay the highest percentage lease

1.6.6. Creation of a lease LAND

1.6.7. Transfer of Leasehold Interest Sublease transfer possession but not ownership Assignment

1.6.8. Termination of lease Constructive eviction by landlord Surrender mutual agreement Accord and Satisfaction when amount of debt is in dispute Atonement tenant agrees to recognize new owner

1.7. Governments Right in Land

1.7.1. Courts Inverse Condemnation Force the government to purchase damaged property due governmental works execution sale - sold under a 'writ of execution' Probate Sale Commission determined by Superior creditors have four months to file claims Adverse Possession 5 years open notorious continuous possession, color of title; pay taxes for five years; quiet title living on the land is not required

1.7.2. Public Controls Subdivision Map Act grants cities control over subdivision regulates subdivisions of 4 or less parcels Subdivided Lands Law Designed to prevent fraud regulates 5 or more lots sub-divider submits Final Public Report Land Project Subdivisions Subdivision Single family dwelling construction stages: land acquisition, development and construction. Housing and construction; regulated Local Building Codes State Housing Law Contractor State License Law Environmental Quality Act Negative = good allows the conversion of existing rental units to condominiums Sanitation enforced by local health officers

1.7.3. Sells land patent

1.7.4. executrix is named in the decedent's will handles the distribution of an estate