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Development af Mind Map: Development


1.1. An MEDC is a More Economically Developed Country

1.2. EDC's usually have factories and advanced technology, and the people are usually quite wealthy.

1.3. People living in an MEDC are more likely to have a computer, probably with internet access to.

1.4. People living in an MEDC usually have a stable amount of money in or out of a bank.


2.1. An LEDC is a country that is Less Economically Developed

2.2. LEDC's are usually countries that don't have a lot of money.

2.3. A girl living in an LEDC is less likely to go to school than a boy living in an LEDC.

3. NIC

3.1. And NIC is a Newly Industrialised Country

4. Poverty

4.1. Those who are living in poverty are people who have to live of two dollars or less a day, sometimes there is only two dollars a day for an entire family, but usually its less than two dollars.

4.2. Poverty is not stopped by borders, you can still be in poverty if you live in an MEDC, as you can also be (Although it is a little more likely) in an LEDC.