Multimedia Products

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Multimedia Products af Mind Map: Multimedia Products

1. Video

1.1. The videos be limited interactive, the videos will be about what the charity does and where the money earned is used and how it helps.

2. Images

2.1. The images will be pictures of the work area and where the money is spent as before and after images, having pictures will allow the business people see the working conditions and what they do.

3. Music

3.1. The music will be limited interactive, but they will have the ability to mute the music if they so wished. This will give the freedom of having sound or no sound, depending on their preferences. In the animation the sound will still be mutable but will also have so speaking and text at the same time.

4. Information

4.1. The text will contain lots of detail but will be very short, this will give them the ability to read it quickly and understand it easily. This is limited Interactive.

5. Virtual Tour

5.1. There will be a virtual tour with is interactive allowing people to tour the building and the work areas, this will give them an overall idea of the working place and where the money is spent.

6. Limited Interactivity

7. Interactive

8. Digital Stories

8.1. The digital stories will be interactive as you will be able to choose and decide whose story you would like to hear. These will be about the children and the people who work with them the most. Also parents of the children will be included.

9. Information points

9.1. There will be information points located around which will help guide you around or give you information on a certain part of the building, this will help guide people and give people good information. Information points can also contain information of businesses that are high donators and qualify to have their business on the information point being promoted.

10. Digital Posters

10.1. Digital Posters will be on the website constantly changing between different images promoting the charity and showing people what they do and the children they help. These will apply to appealing to a business as they could have there business posted as an advertisement on the poster.

11. Adverts

11.1. Adverts can be placed on the website giving the donor's some awareness that they acknowledge their donations and will let people know about them. Adverts can be placed around the website promoting said business.

12. Quizzes

12.1. Quizzes will also help people learn more about the charity and it may replace incorrect information that they thought was right, this giving them a good idea of the charity.