Little Red Cap

mind map of three possible versions of Little Red Cap

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Little Red Cap af Mind Map: Little Red Cap

1. Original Version

1.1. Main Characters

1.1.1. Little Red Cap

1.1.2. Grandmother

1.1.3. Wolf

1.1.4. Mother

1.1.5. Huntsman

1.1.6. Grey-Head Wolf

1.2. Important Objects

1.2.1. Scissors

1.2.2. Flowers

1.2.3. Red Cap

1.2.4. Stones

1.2.5. Trough (sausage water inside)

1.2.6. Wine and Bread

1.2.7. Grandmother's clothing

1.3. Setting

1.3.1. Little Red's village house

1.3.2. Grandmother's House

1.3.3. Woods

1.3.4. 19th century

1.4. Plot

1.4.1. Little Red's mother instructs her prior to her journey to Grandmother's

1.4.2. Little Red diverts from the path to pick a floral arrangment due to the Wolf

1.4.3. Wolf travels ahead of her to Grandmother's and devours her

1.4.4. Little Red Cap reaches house and finds the Wolf in disguise

1.4.5. Wolf devours Little Red Cap

1.4.6. Huntsman drops by to check on Grandma, but discovers Wolf ate both of them.

1.4.7. He cuts open the Wolf with scissors to retrieve Grandma and Little Red

1.4.8. Little Red Cap puts stones in the Wolf's stomach and he perishes; Wolf is skinned by Huntsman

1.4.9. A repeat scenario with another wolf, but Grandma and Little Red set up a trap

1.4.10. Wolf falls into trough on the roof of Grandma's house because of the sausage smell and he drowns

2. Altered Versions

2.1. Version 1: Lolita

2.1.1. Characters Little Red is a teen lolita who has a taste for blood Huntsman is a dashing vampire Wolf is a biologically-engineered werewolf who can't master his hunger Grandma is a cougar who lusts after the Huntsman

2.1.2. Objects scissors are a bow with silver arrows wine is blood flowers are hallucinatory sprites

2.1.3. Setting Victorian age small town Alice and Wonderland-esque woods

2.1.4. Plot Grandma is after the Huntsman Wolf is Grandma's ex-lover and plots revenge on her Wolf breaks in to Granny's, catching Huntsman in the act; in Wolf's rage, he accidentally devours Granny. Wolf, in his remorse, plans on clearing the crime scene by eliminating Red Cap--setting up the scene Huntsman flees and finds Little Red Little Red and Huntsman double-team and she seduces Wolf so Huntsman can sneak-kill him

2.2. Version 2: Punk

2.2.1. Characters Wolf is a druglord gangster Little Red Cap is a punk chic in her 20's Huntsman is a tattooed, skinny hipster Grandma is a frees-spirited hippie

2.2.2. Objects wine and bread are black market pills scissors are a gun flowers are 'shrooms cell phone

2.2.3. Setting present day grungy city East LA

2.2.4. Plot Little Red is trying to deliver pills to "Granny" so she can cash in "Granny" meets Wolf and thinks he is a possible client Wolf wants to steal the goods for himself and plots to take out Little Red and Granny Wolf gives tainted shrooms to Granny (she passes out), and he waits for Little Red Huntsman stalks Little Red in pursuit of the drugs, but notices all the dead bodies along the path--realizing this can only be the workings of Wolf Little Red enters the abandoned warehouse and has an exchange with the Wolf, before the Huntsman can arrive Huntsman snipes Wolf through a hole in the wall, and kills him Granny awakens, Little Red gratefully shares the pills with Huntsman, and they all attend the Huntsman's band debut Wolf gets enraged when she won't hand over the pills, and leaps viciously at her

2.3. Version 3: Pin-Up

2.3.1. Characters Little Red is a French pin-up girl headed to a modeling shoot (very ditsy) Wolf is a plump pimp who looks like a baby; only after Little Red Huntsman is an ogre-like photographer "Granny" is a full-time hooker (Dolly Parton-esque)

2.3.2. Objects scissors are a vile of chemicals capable of blacking someone out wine is absinthe

2.3.3. Setting early 20th century European village

2.3.4. Plot Little Red is on her way to get her weekly lessons from "Granny", carrying absinthe as her payment Huntsman comes to rescue unexpectedly as he is spying in the window with his camera--getting close-ups Wolf is having an encounter with Granny while she is drugged out; he then hides her body under the bed Henchmen surround her inside the house, who emerge from the shadows Huntsman enters house with his bag of viles and camera; he convinces everyone to share in his drink before he does a photoshoot to lighten the mood Everyone passes out, and the Huntsman and Little Red make their grand escape Little Red enters the house and is frightened by Wolf Wolf lies to her about being an agent, and she believes him