Leading/Lagging Indicators What are they?

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Leading/Lagging Indicators What are they? af Mind Map: Leading/Lagging Indicators What are they?

1. Anything that can be used to predict future trends.

2. Leading

2.1. Signal future events.

2.2. Example

2.2.1. Amber traffic light is a leading indicator for? How do you respond to the amber light?

2.2.2. Sports Coaches don't focus on the score. They never say you go out and score 3 goals You go out and only allow 2. They focus on the leading indicators. What do you think they might be? Practice time Player health. Play knowledge Scouting etc. What is the lagging indicator? The score

3. Lagging

3.1. Follows an event.

3.2. Example

3.2.1. Traffic light. The amber light is the lagging indicator for what? The green light. Because it trails the green light.

3.2.2. Financial Profit

3.2.3. Operations Number of items per shift.

3.3. Also know as KRI

3.3.1. Key Results Indicator