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eller tilmeld med din email adresse af Mind Map:

1. Outbound Email Operations

1.1. Platforms

1.1.1. MailChimp

1.1.2. Blogger

1.2. Types

1.2.1. Blog Posts Blog Moffett Users News Tracker

1.2.2. Alerts

1.2.3. Newsletters

1.2.4. Campaigns Event Notices

2. Crowd Funding

2.1. Kickstarter

2.1.1. Kickstarter is a crowd funding website for creative projects.Kickstarter has funded a diverse array of endeavors, ranging from indie films, video

2.2. RocketHub

2.2.1. RocketHub is an online crowdfunding platform. Users from around the world — including entrepreneurs, scientists, philanthropists, filmmakers, etc.—

2.3. GoFundMe

2.3.1. GoFundMe is a crowd funding platform that allows people to raise money for events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses.

2.4. Indegogo

2.4.1. Indiegogo is in San Francisco, California. it has hosted over 100,000 funding campaigns in areas such as charity, small business and film.

2.5. InvestedIn

2.5.1. InvestedIn is a crowd funding website for fund raising projects and charity events such as walkathons and celebrity cause based campaigns. InvestedIn also is a technology provider offering a white label crowdfunding platform for non-profit use

2.6. FundRazor

2.7. GiveZooks

3. Social Networking

3.1. Facebook

3.1.1. Larry

3.1.2. Group

3.1.3. Affiliates NASA Ames

3.1.4. Ads

3.2. Google+

3.3. LinkedIn

3.3.1. General Discussion Group Learning Team Potential Invitee List Exhibition Team Potential Invitee List Conference & Events Team Potential Invitee List

3.4. Twitter - earthairspace

3.4.1. Affiliates MoffettHangar1

3.5. Photo & Video Communities

3.5.1. Flickr

3.5.2. Picassa

3.5.3. YouTube

3.5.4. Vimeo

4. Ecommerce

4.1. PayPal

4.2. Google Wallet

4.2.1. Charity of Choice

4.2.2. Network for Good

4.2.3. Benevity

4.2.4. Google One Today

4.2.5. Facebook Donate Button

4.2.6. AmazonSmile

4.2.7. Guidestar

4.3. Double the Donation

5. Marketing Tools

5.1. Software Advisory Service

5.1.1. Bedia Buddy

5.2. Event Brite

5.2.1. Eventbrite is a website that allows event organizers to plan, set up ticket sales and promote events of any size and publicize them across Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking tools directly from the site's interface

5.3. Buffer

5.4. Online Meetings

5.5. Petitions

5.5.1. Causes


5.5.3. Others iPeitions Petitions Online

6. Communities

6.1. Save Hangar One