notes on education technolgy

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notes on education technolgy af Mind Map: notes on education technolgy

1. video four the three phases

1.1. phase one: always using technolgy

1.2. phase two: to get the point you have to use the internet

1.3. phase 3: to help teachers pove their point

1.4. looking at each phase different than the same

1.5. Completing these phases helps students become producers, publishers, audience members, and peer reviewers.

2. video three shift happens

2.1. more babies born in china

2.2. more college students in other countries

2.3. so many books published

2.4. myspace was so big

2.5. China has a higher number of college graduates.

3. video one k-12a vision of today

3.1. more honor in china

3.1.1. New node

3.2. children dont use technolgy

3.3. i think its sad teachers havent used technolgy

3.4. :i think it was nice how kids use technolgy

3.5. More teachers have never used certain types of technology than children.

4. video two looking forward

4.1. radio to lecture

4.2. had powerpoint and internet

4.3. bigger classrooms

4.4. miltarytraining on tv

4.5. WWII majorly increased the use of technology.