New Media in Foreign Language Classes

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New Media in Foreign Language Classes af Mind Map: New Media in Foreign Language Classes

1. Deficiencies

1.1. Technical Know-How

1.1.1. Teacher Training Students better than Teacher Older vs. Younger

1.1.2. Students danger of disadvantage

1.2. Cost

1.2.1. theft

1.2.2. purchase

1.2.3. vandalism

1.2.4. running expenses

1.3. Time-consuming

1.3.1. Preparation

1.3.2. accelerating of device

1.4. Danger of not-working

1.4.1. alway plan b

1.4.2. data loss during work (crash) general (damage of hardware)

1.5. Health

1.5.1. Computer posture eyes danger of addiction

1.6. digital life instead of real life

1.6.1. digital learning instead of real learning (dissecting frog on whiteboard-screen instead of dissecting it for real in the lab)

1.6.2. loosing ties to nature

1.6.3. no real communication skills (no problem mailing someone but problem talking to someone)

1.7. content

1.7.1. ephemerality of information on the internet

1.7.2. appropriateness of information on the internet youth protection

1.7.3. data protection

2. Chances

2.1. up-to-dateness

2.1.1. of information

2.1.2. digital learning material interactive easy dublication (sharing) updates (when mistakes are found)

2.2. skill

2.2.1. future job studies

2.2.2. general media competence

2.3. creativity

2.3.1. see tools

2.3.2. artistically untalented pupils can produce something beautiful

2.3.3. varying methods

2.4. audio

2.4.1. listening to native speakers to themselves

2.4.2. real communication e-mail penpal facebook video messages chat video chat

2.5. diminishment

2.5.1. of weight (500 books on one tablet)

2.5.2. of paperflow environmental protection

2.5.3. of volume (one pc instead of 3 bis shelves)

3. Types

3.1. Computer

3.1.1. Internet Online Tools Wordclouds Bookmarking Collaborative Writing Comic Creation Podcasts Learning Software For Teachers Other

3.1.2. Learning Software Vocabulary Grammar Recording Software

3.1.3. What it contains TV MP3-Player Tablet-PC Smartboard

3.2. Smartboard

3.2.1. Document Camera

3.2.2. Interactive Response System

3.2.3. Wireless Slate

3.2.4. Smart Table

3.2.5. Data Projector Films Pictures Maps Presentaion

3.3. Microphone + Camera

3.3.1. Creative Recording Interview Dialogue Story Discussion

3.3.2. Control Ponounciation