Instructional design.

My understanding to Instructional Design

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Instructional design. af Mind Map: Instructional design.

1. When

1.1. Evaluation during live tests before implementation

1.2. Implementing courses during class session

2. How

2.1. ADDIE

2.1.1. Analysis Create instructional goals Identify learners' characteristics Search for sources

2.1.2. Design Create learning objectives Build instructional strategies Strategies testing

2.1.3. Develop Create learning resources Validation of sources Make pilot tests

2.1.4. Implement Preparation of instructors Participation engagement to prepare instructors with the new courses

2.1.5. Evaluation Formative evaluation which is to evaluate course before implementation Summative evaluation which is evaluating the courses after implementation

3. What

3.1. Types of Instructional designs

3.1.1. ROPES A design that can help increases learning outcomes. It consists of reviewing, overview, presenting, exercising and summarize. Simply it is a step by step process.

3.1.2. ADDIE The common model of instructional design that consists of analyzing, developing, designing, implementing, and evaluating instructional learning tools.

3.1.3. Gangne Information processing model that are based on how our brain process when we are given different stimuli and what are the learning outcomes after that

3.2. Definition

3.2.1. The process where we can create, develop, planned, deliver learning products and experiences to the learners' needs

4. Where

4.1. Personal residence

4.2. Computer lab

4.3. Office

4.4. Classrooms

5. Who

5.1. Learner

5.1.1. Targeted groups

5.2. Designer

5.2.1. Teachers

5.2.2. Educators

5.2.3. Facilitators

5.2.4. Coaches

5.2.5. Instructors

6. Why

6.1. Crete, develop, design and deliver learning products and experiences more efficient to the learners.