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virtualenv af Mind Map: virtualenv

1. what?

1.1. an isolate copy of python

1.2. a specific environment

1.3. don't relate to other project

2. how to use?

2.1. install

2.1.1. sudo apt-get install python3-virtualenv

2.1.2. pip3 install vertualenv

2.1.3. sudo easy_install virtualenv

2.2. setup

2.2.1. step1: create folder mkdir path/name

2.2.2. step 2: create new env virtualenv path/project_name/env_name add --no-site-packages if you want to isolate your environment from the main site packages directory

2.2.3. step 3: active env cd project_name/bin source active

2.3. insatll package

2.3.1. using pip